At first CSPs were threatened by OTT providers, as CSPs transforms into some form of a DSP they are providing their own OTT services or partner with OTT providers to be more resilient towards OTT onslaught. Partnering with OTT providers helps to enhance their mutual subscriber experience of OTT services.

With this paradigm shift and transformation, CSPs need to continuously be informed about the OTT service behaviours. OTT environment changes on a daily basis with 1000s of new OTT services introduced annually. The behaviour of each OTT services changes daily or even by the hour. With encryption aggressively moving towards 100% for all OTT content, encrypted visibility are becoming critical for CSPs, the main driver being digital transformation.

To truly monetize OTT services CSP must have real-time actionable insights into all OTT services, behaviours and trends including encrypted OTT services.

TEOCO’s INsync Digital Subscriber Analytics solutions help CSPs with the journey to transform to some form of DSP service provider.

The subscriber OTT experience. Actionable insights for subscriber OTT App experience; where, what, when, device, service type and quality.

TEOCO's INsync digital subscriber analytics solution for OTT insights

INsync solution provides CSP with the following OTT insights

  • Automatic OTT identification
  • Encrypted OTT signatures
  • Geographical analytics and visualization of OTT usage and trends
  • Real-time OTT analytics
  • OTT performance, service assurance and troubleshooting
  • OTT analytics and troubleshooting for each subscriber service
  • Customizable OTT KQIs
  • Automated actuation of OTT quality of service (see INsync video actuation capabilities)

The insights INsync provides empowers CSP to monetize OTT service through actionable insights and aids them to significantly reduce OPEX to monitor and troubleshoot OTT services in real-time.

With INsync automated actuation, best quality of service can be delivered for OTT, taking into consideration available network capacity.


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