TEOCO is a leading provider of LTE planning, optimization and service assurance products and services to address every stage of the LTE network.

The migration to LTE presents considerable challenges for operators across their radio, transmission and core networks.

TEOCO is able to address these challenges through a suite of products and services to ensure the successful launch of an LTE network. Since 2008 we have been working with LTE early adopters and network equipment providers to add the best in class LTE capability to our RAN Solutions and service assurance product suites.

To date, over 150 operators have benefited from our LTE portfolio.

We also offer a broad range of LTE services to cover the full network life-cycle  all the way from initial financial analysis and business case validation through spectrum re-farming and network planning and on to day-to-day operational optimization and managed services.

Finally to ensure your key personnel have a complete understanding of LTE technology – its benefits, challenges and potential we provide a comprehensive catalog of training courses.  Our training programs are designed to cover not only the technical aspects but to help operators understand the business challenges, roll-out scenarios and deployment alternatives.


“TEOCO will be able to offer the kind of large – footprint solution for assurance and network planning and optimization that CSPs increasingly desire.” – Analysys Mason


RAN Solutions

The products within the ASSET Planning Suite are all multi-technology and LTE capable and deliver radio, backhaul, capacity, small cell and automated planning. Mentor provides multi-technology optimization, including LTE, by leveraging network measurements and geolocation algorithms. Finally SmartCM delivers LTE RAN  configuration management and auditing to ensure network integrity is maintained.

Learn more about our RAN Solutions product offering here.

Service assurance

The Helix Service Assurance Suite is fully LTE capable. Helix Performance Management provides a solution for managing and forecasting performance and quality of service (QoS). With its automated correlation alarms capabilities, and advanced analytics, Helix Fault Management (FM) enables NOC users to visualize the malfunctions of the network in real-time, while reducing the mean time to response (MTTR). Helix Customer Experience Management (CEM) offers an end-to-end unified view of customer interactions across the network.

Learn more about our Service Assurance product offering here.

Consulting services

TEOCO’s RAN services team delivers packaged service solutions, a powerful combination of tools, methodology and people from single engagements to full managed services. Planning and design, optimization and audits, capacity expansions and spectrum refarming are a few of the LTE services within our portfolio.

Learn more about our consulting services here.


TEOCO’s market leading position in Engineering Systems reflects the success of its extensive network planning and optimization solution set, built by some very cohesive acquisitions and integrated effectively to form a leading portfolio” – Analysys Mason

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