The era of DSP opportunities. Mobile consumers are disrupting the telecoms industry; they are expecting customized digital services everywhere and at any time.

This disruption of consumer behavior requires CSP to heavily invest CAPEX to keep up with the consumer demand for digital services. Additionally CSPs need to find ways to resist OTT services cannibalizing of their revenues.

Over the last 25 years CSP have shown how adaptable they are to large-scale change and how ably they embrace and own these challenges. Just think of the explosive uptake of mobile phone sales in the early 90’s, which resulted in aggressive network rollouts. The race to expand to other countries during the latter part of the 90’s. The launching of new technologies such as 3G, and the eruption of data consumption with the launch of the iPhone. CSPs conquered all of these challenges. Digital consumer demands are their next big challenge.

The question everyone is asking today is how CSPs will participate in the era of digital services. With many unanswered questions there is no doubt that CSPs will embrace this challenge once again and transform in some shape or form to become DSPs. We see this already happening today in various shapes and forms.

The key to a successful transformation from CSP to DSP is to know how and where consumers are using digital services and what the trends are. For instance, having detailed consumer behavior insights ensures higher ROI for CAPEX and OPEX expenditures, which will help to understand consumer patterns in detail. This will aid CSP to spend more efficiently. Having real-time answers to a consumer’s experience of digital services will help to reduce customer churn.

At TEOCO we offer end–to-end solutions to help operators transition into the digital world.

What do subscribers care about today?

At TEOCO we help CSP's transition into DSP's


Know your customer’s digital behavior and capitalize

Our INsync digital subscriber analytics solution provides real-time insights for all encrypted and non-encrypted digital services. OTT Apps are automatically discovered. INsync analytics provides valuable insights into consumer behavior patterns such as when and where digital services are consumed. Users can easily add subscriber demographics to further enrich analytics and drive subscriber monetization.

QCella financial analytics delivers a granular view of subscriber and digital service profitability, identifying profitable and unprofitable areas of the business and helping to maximize margins.


Use subscriber digital behavior patterns to spend CAPEX efficiently

By understanding customer behavior and trends through INsync, CSPs can accurately plan network expansions utilizing our ASSET suite of planning products, including planning small cells to cater for the explosion in data caused by high customer demand for digital services.


Assure digital service investments

CSPs must provide high quality digital services to minimize customer churn.

  • INsync’s real-time customer care module allows CSPs to monitor and troubleshoot subscriber problems in real-time, while automated anomaly detection provides pro-active care including notifications of problems.
  • INsync Mobile delivers customer experience analytics and service performance via an on-device measurement approach. INsync Mobile captures the actual data, voice, coverage and subjective experience of each smart device On- and Off-network, leaving no blind spots when the subscriber goes Off-network.
  • Using network measurements and geo-located call data, Mentor delivers a comprehensive set of advanced RAN optimization insights that pro-actively notify engineers of network problems affecting digital services.
  • Helix® service, performance and fault management provide engineers with insights into network behavior, helping to assure the quality of digital services across multiple technologies and vendors.

How is your customer behavior impacting your business? We can show you.


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