On-device Analytics

The ‘silent majority’ never complain, they just churn. To prevent this churn, visibility into customer quality of experience (QoE) is required. An on-device analytics approach captures the actual data, voice, coverage and subjective experience of each mobile or fixed broadband user, and reports in real-time in terms of user experience and service performance. This enables mobile operators to quickly identify, verify and resolve individual customer affecting issues as well as understand user behavior across all network technologies.

Why on-device analytics ?

An on-device measurement approach brings a number of benefits over other data gathering methods:

  • On-device agents capture the real voice of the customer, anywhere, at any time, including historical ‘off-net’ blind spots such as when users are on Wi-Fi, roaming, have swapped SIM’s or are in white-spots covered only by the competition.
  • It is possible to schedule active measurements to test DNS resolution time, ping reachability, FTP and HTTP for continuous network monitoring.
  • Since data is collected via a transparent opt-in approach customers are more comfortable when discussing issues they have experienced.
  • An on-device approach provides the opportunity to bundle the agent with an app to open up a communication channel with customers via a customer experience index, questionnaires and free text comment capabilities.

Use Cases Across the Organization

An on-device approach can benefit departments across the breadth of the business providing everyone with a view of customer quality of experience relevant to them based on a common data set.

  • Customer Service – Reactively support customers when they call with experience issues. Proactively call customers who had a poor experience.
  • Planning and Optimization – Prioritize optimization according to customer QoE. Map and improve areas where users frequently experience problems.
  • Network Quality – Customer experience KPIs influence priority of quality investigations. Find poorly performing devices & device-network incompatibilities.
  • Enterprise Business – Improve NPS: monitor experience across each Enterprise. Increase customer lifetime value: proactively fix Enterprise issues.
  • Sales and Marketing – Real user experience insights to drive NPS improvement and upsell. Improve NPS: monitor experience across each Enterprise.

On-device Analytics for Regulators

On-device analytics is also the ideal tool for Regulators looking to gain an independent view of network QoE without the associated expense of time consuming drive testing. Carrier QoE assessments ensure an operator is meeting their license obligations and allow the Regulator to understand coverage, voice and data performance for the operator. Carrier benchmarking allows the Regulator to benchmark all their operators across coverage, voice and data metrics.

Learn More

At TEOCO we provide on-device analytics via out INsync Mobile solution. INsync Mobile delivers customer experience analytics and service performance via an on-device measurement approach. You can learn more about the solution on our INsync Mobile product page.



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