Device Analytics

With ever increasing customer expectations of network performance and the growth of the Internet of Things resulting in many more devices on the network; device analytics covering certification, monitoring, benchmarking and troubleshooting of devices will become even more critical than it is today.

As customer expectations with regard to quality of service increase, it is no longer sufficient to rely on customers with faulty devices to contact customer services. Proactivity is required. Additionally, with everything from toasters to running shoes potentially being part of the IoT ecosystem it is no longer practical to have device certification as the only mean of device assurance. A multi-pronged analytics approach is needed to device assurance.

TEOCO provides a number of device analytics solutions to assure device performance at all stages of the device life cycle.

Device and IoT certification

It remains important for network operators to certify as many new devices and IoT modules as possible to ensure they meet the minimum performance requirements before they are allowed onto the network where they could negatively affect subscribers, and the quality of Internet of Things (IoT) exchanges.

In the past 5 years, our device lab has tested over 900 devices, including phones, tablets, data cards, modules and chipsets from more than 45 manufacturers. Learn more about out lab testing and field testing services here.

Device performance analytics

For device monitoring, troubleshooting and benchmarking, Mentor, our RAN optimization and analytics solution, provides a countrywide view of device statistics, including KPIs per device model and vendor. This allows engineers to isolate problematic device models and individual devices. It can also be used to validate performance per device model when launching new services. Learn more about Mentor’s device analytics capabilities here.

On-device analytics

For a more detailed view of individual device analytics, our INsync Mobile solution is the most comprehensive approach, delivering customer experience analytics and service performance via an on-device measurement approach. This enables not only device performance validation but also visibility into customer quality of experience (QoE) and service performance. Learn more about INsync Mobile here.

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