Revenue Assurance

CSP’s continue their evolution to DSP’s introducing new digital subscriber services to stay ahead of competition and monetize new revenue streams. It naturally follows that the speed and growth of new services also introduces risks to revenue and fraud impacting profitability. TEOCO offers a holistic approach to revenue assurance, revenue visibility, and utilization of machine learning to maximize profits. TEOCO also utilize BOTs (RPA, robotic process automation) to improve business efficiencies and eliminate human errors.

CSP’s must have intelligent insights into their customers’ digital service usage, contracts, products and revenue to deliver and maximize the profitability of next generation networks.

The subscriber base has dramatically expanded to include other offerings such as media, IoT and 5G services. Operators face an overload of billions of circuit and packed switch event records generated by the multitude and complexities of these digital services.

CSP’s require an umbrella view of the end to end revenue chain to identify and recover revenue leakage and detect fraud for maximum profitability.

Analytics for detecting revenue leakage and fraud, machine learning to prevent revenue leakage and fraud!

TEOCO Revenue Assurance

Our offering, a continual optimization of the revenue chain to increase realized revenue and reduce cost


Revenue Assurance Use Cases across your organization

Mitigate revenue leakage by reconciling consumption, billing information, contract terms and serviced products.

  • Existence & Design – Ensures invoicing is fully validated against inventory expenditure
    • Ordered but not Billed
    • Inventory to Billed Variance
    • Cancelled Disconnect
    • Stuck Orders
  • Contract & Rate Administration – Contract adherence to terms and features
    • Billing Frequency
    • Unbilled & Under billed Features
    • Term Rate Analysis
    • Quote vs. Order Variance
  • Analytics – Actionable intelligence of customers and digital service products
    • Margin Analysis – Customer
    • Margin Analysis – Product
    • Maximize Rate Plan Profitability
    • Root Cause Analysis

TEOCO, your trusted partner in accelerating speed to market for new digital plans and services and with minimal revenue leakage.

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