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TEOCO’s highly scalable on-demand MVNO Analytics solution positions MVNO’s to retain and monetize their subscribers. MVNO Analytics can be acquired directly by MNO’s seeking to offer additional value to their MVNO partners, or  delivered to the MVNO seeking greater subscriber insight.  At the end of the day, it’s about subscriber retention and a subscriber lost to the MVNO is also a subscriber lost to the MNO.

There  is a growing number of new MVNO vertical partnerships forming as a result of IoT and 5G technologies as compared to the traditional voice, text and data MVNO. Historically a MVNO had limited visibility to their subscriber data.  However, with MVNO’s deployment of their own Apps they now have access to on-device network and user measurements to enrich their existing subscriber database. This empowers  MVNO’s with the ability to analyse operational data for fast and accurate decision making.

As wireless connectivity has become increasingly important across all business sectors, access to granular network and subscriber data and advanced analytics has become a must-have for organizations to maintain control and profitability of their business – and offer the most compelling service to their customers.

With so many new devices entering the market and subscribers having multitude of price plan options to choose from, the cost of not fully understanding the effect of constantly changing subscriber behavior has a negative impact on profitability.

At TEOCO we apply machine learning  and examine each individual subscriber experience and predict what they are likely do in the future.  Will they upgrade their device, add a new line or downgrade their service? We provide key indicators to predict when a subscriber is likely to churn. This information is valuable to MVNO’s across their entire organization. Finance teams leverage this data to forecast revenue streams and aid in investment decisions. Marketing teams develop targeted marketing and customer retention campaigns to promote products and services.  Customer Care teams have subscriber experience data to proactively minimize churn.

TEOCO helps MVNO’s by providing an easy to use, fast and extremely cost-effective MVNO Analytics solution.

Our MVNO Analytics solution provides valuable business insights

  • Subscriber Intelligence
    • Build subscriber behavior intelligence
    • Identify where to focus and validate marketing efforts
    • Avoid and minimize churn
    • Capitalize on trends
  • Retain Revenue
    • Utilize subscriber intelligence to predict an outcome
    • Take preventative steps to create positive experience
    • Improve CSAT
    • Prolong & retain subscribers
  • Monetize
    • Identify monetization opportunities (Voice & Text, Data, Device, Service)
    • Profitability by Subscriber, Plan, Service or Device
    • Revenue forecasting
  • Increase Profitability
    • Subscriber churn reduction
    • Revenue assurance
    • Fraud detection
    • Invoice automation
  • Network performance and benchmarking


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