Financial Analytics

TEOCO’s Financial Analytics solutions provide a granular view of your operational costs correlated with wholesale and retail revenues by performing large-scale analyses of every network and business transaction. Those insights are further refined by experts who understand network technologies and partner agreements.

Our solutions are based on our telecom finance expertise identifying cost elements in each network transactions: fixed or variable, usage-sensitive or allocated, wholesale or retail, one-time or recurring.

Typical TEOCO customers process billions of records each day, from upwards of 50 different sources, and deploy multiple applications. To support these activities and encourage data sharing and reuse, while eliminating silos and fostering incremental growth of additional applications, TEOCO’s Financial Analytics solutions operate on a powerful big data analytics platform, QCella; and NEO  for circuit analytics.


Our margin assurance and analytics solution provides a granular view of your revenue stream and of your operational, network and business costs. It does so by performing large-scale analyses of every network and business transaction, viewed under a lens that understands network technologies and partner agreements. Since 1995, we have helped over 100 of the largest service providers around the world to make decisions based on what matters most — profitability and margin.

Our financial analytics solutions bring a business view to the network domain as margin analytics ensure that costs are being calculated and paid correctly and margin is being monitored to drive business decisions from a subscriber, line of business, market, offering or other basis. It provides key performance indicators on overall revenue, cost, margin, and subscribers to enable you to launch profitable products and services. TEOCO provides comprehensive technology and business support, including for next-gen, IP, legacy and hybrid networks and technologies, throughout wholesale, resale, retail, 3rd-party, multi-party, peering, MVNO business agreements and models.

By digging into the myriad of parameters used to assess business performance – including segments, enterprise customers, channels, and dealers – we evaluate the profitability of your policies for each individual subscriber. Managing margins requires visibility into all costs – fixed or variable, usage-sensitive or allocated, partner or third party, wholesale or retail – which is much more complex than measuring revenues. Margin Analytics look at profitability to optimize your overall performance.


Roaming analytics ensure you can provide ubiquitous data and voice services at competitive rates, while mitigating the risks of costs coverage and revenue leakage. By pairing our expertise in margin assurance, cost management and analytics, we deliver solutions enabling large-scale analysis of network and business transactions, while understanding technologies and partner agreements.TEOCO’s roaming analytics solutions analyze data from various viewpoints:

  • Partner transactions (TAP or CIBER)
  • Partner invoices
  • Customers
  • Rate plans
  • Devices
  • Promotions

Not only do they allow roaming partner events, invoices and customer master files to be aligned, the solutions approach roaming costs down to the angle of the subscriber by looking into roaming events and customer bills, and identifying discrepancies.

The outputs of our roaming analytics solutions offer dashboards and reporting by factors such as partner, location, subscriber segment or handset to allow further investigations and facilitate communication between different business units.

Our roaming analytics solution processes roaming source data from clearing houses, partners, and networks, before coupling it with customer invoices along with product reference data. To enhance the visibility over profits, the platform cross-references the information obtained with a multiplicity of data, guided by our cost expertise (including MOUs, revenue, cost and margin per subscriber) Once cross-referenced, this data is aggregated through several dimensions: mobile, voice, data, local, long distance, international.


Service profitability analytics brings together cost, revenue and margin analytics to help you better understand the profitability of subscribers, services, devices, rate plans and other factors. Service profitability analytics answers the needs of finance professionals or other departments with profit-and-loss (P&L) responsibilities. Service profitability analytics are also valuable to market segment owners or others who need to measure financial performance beyond typical ARPU metrics, to incorporate cost and determine true business performance.

Thanks to our ability to assign fixed and variable cost and revenue elements to the session level, we are able to determine true margins. While our multi-dimensional analytics solutions put the customer first, we also allow analytics at the aggregate level (e.g., accounts, customer segments) to enable greater operational efficiency. In fact, we provide complementary analytics capabilities, including at the device, service and network level, as well as any combination thereof.

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