5G Design Challenges and Proposed Strategies - WATCH NOW!

Presenters: Dimitris Dernikas, Snr Director of Technology Evolutions and Nishita Hathi, Product Director – TEOCO

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What will we be discussing?

  • Current 5G trends
    Trends that are affecting how design is performed in 5G vs previous technologies. The objective is to explore the influence of topics including the need to accommodate higher frequency bands as well design for new KPIs including latency
  • 5G Technologies
    Additional detail of key technological features to ensure 5G is performing well, including:  DSS, UL/DL, latency, FD beamforming and modeling decisions
  • 5G Design
    Design needs of the evolution of 4G to 5G along with the modeling of key technology features within a use case.  We will also discuss the emergence of new design parameters as the full 5G capability is created with a focus on the additional KPI of latency required to support some of the new use cases

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