Subscriber analytics is a vital tool for the modern communication service provider (CSP) to understand digital service behaviors and quality.

As CSP’s continue their evolution to DSP’s, it naturally follows that they must have intelligent insights into their customers’ quality of experience (QoE) and usage to deliver on the promises of next generation networks.

TEOCO provides two approaches to gaining the insights you require to fully understand your subscribers, a network-based approach and a device-based approach. Each approach can each be used in a standalone manner to achieve specific objectives or they can be combined for a complete 360 degree picture.

Network Approach

Digital service behavior changes on a daily basis with new OTT applications and services introduced impacting subscriber and network behavior. Not fully understanding the constant change of digital services can have a negative impact on the subscribers’ real or perceived Quality of Experience. In this environment, actionable intelligence is indispensable to deliver on savings and monetization goals! INsync delivers this actionable intelligence. Learn more about INsync here.

Device Approach

The ‘silent majority’ never complain, they just churn. To prevent this churn, visibility into customer quality of experience (QoE) is required. INsync Mobile captures the actual data, voice, coverage and subjective experience of each mobile or fixed broadband user, via on on-device measurement approach and reports in real-time in terms of user experience and service performance. This enables mobile operators to quickly identify, verify and resolve individual customer affecting issues as well as understand user behavior across all network technologies. Learn more about INsync Mobile here.

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