Service Assurance

Service Assurance

HELIOT – Command and Control Center for Smart Cities

Our HELIOT software solution provides and end-to-end platform that monitors, optimizes and troubleshoots your Smart City ecosystem. Whether supporting your entire Smart City, airport, hospital, telecom infrastructure or ICT and networks, HELIOT can function as the control center for your Smart City operation.

Integrate Data from Across the Ecosystem

HELIOT has the scale to ingest, integrate and correlate billions of data records per day from transportation, utilities, city services, pollution, weather tracking systems, first responders, social media, CCTV cameras and more. HELIOT’s use of open APIs, advanced data correlation, analytics and automation supports advanced incident management with automatic root cause analysis, predictive failure identification and alarm noise reduction mechanisms.

Optimize Your Smart City

Utilizing the latest techniques in analytics and machine learning, the HELIOT solution provides advanced Smart City performance management, automation and orchestration functionalities including:

  • Mediation
  • Real time performance management – KPI monitoring and real time threshold crossing alarms
  • Event and trouble ticket management
  • Trend analysis and forecasting
  • Real-time outlier detection
  • Customizable orchestration policies and automatic rules, commands and notifications

Advanced Visualization – To Respond to Emergencies Faster

HELIOT delivers advanced visualization, reporting capabilities and dashboards to help simplify the amount of data being presented. HELIOT provides Command Center managers with a bird’s-eye view and makes geo-location information and other specific details available when you need to drill down for more information.

HELIOT’s intelligent policy engine and streamlined workflows help ensure Command Center managers have access to the right information at the right time, resulting in faster, more reliable decision making.

Engage Your Citizens

Crowdsourced information is a key way to get an ‘on-the-ground’ view of your Smart operations. HELIOT provides a centralized platform that integrates citizen feedback and reports whether they are submitted directly through dedicated portals and portable sensors, or indirectly through social media channels and apps.  Utilizing citizen data, Command Center managers can measure sentiment as part of their City Quality Index. With HELIOT’s notification capabilities, Command Centers can also send mass notifications, pushing data out through user portals and social media platforms, and encourage crowdsourced progress reports from opt-in customers – ensuring optimal responsiveness and communication during times of emergencies.

Manage Composite Events

HELIOT’s advanced correlation, automation, notification and activation capabilities enable Command Center managers to detect and manage composite events. By integrating situational and contextual information, such as geographical and timeline data, HELIOT enables Smart City operators to quickly determine the root cause of the event with the most up-to-date data.

Designed for IoT complexity and scale

HELIOT builds upon TEOCO’s 20+ years of experience creating advanced operational systems and sophisticated, carrier-grade big data solutions with advanced IoT capabilities. Only with HELIOT can Smart Cities correlate, analyze and share the billions of data points across teams and organizations seamlessly, to ensure the effective management of Smart City operations and fast responses in times of emergencies.

Read our blog to understand how HELIOT supports fast response in times of emergency.



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