With more than 25 years of experience in the area of operational monitoring, initially of networks of any kind but recently expanded to multiple IOT verticals, we are in a privileged position to assure the efficiency, availability and reliability of Telemedicine services by providing with operational tools to enable the following:

  • Service Assurance Solutions that enable the 24/7 monitoring of the availability and quality of the required communication links relevant to all the different Telemedicine services provided, including sophisticated SLA analysis, RCA, Analytics and the management and operation of resolution processes via mechanisms such as notifications, escalations, automated commands and ticketing.
  • Sophisticated algorithms and programs that permit the application of customizable analytics to the sensor data (e.g. correlation, trend analysis and forecasting, outlier detection and alarming, machine learning, generation of reports and online dashboards). This enables the proactive identification of problems and the implementation of resolution processes according to customizable policies and automation rules.
  • A platform that provides with the capability to integrate multiple data layers to enable the analysis of the contextual situation to optimize the speed of problem detection and the efficiency of the resolution processes.
  • Customizable automated rules and processes to enable the interaction and data sharing with other bodies (e.g. first responders, smart city operators, paramedics, specialists, etc.) as needed .
  • Open APIs for the integration with other information sources that can help better understand the problem, the situational context and the best way to approach the problem (e.g. weather data, pollution data, data from emergency systems, traffic data, road closure data, etc.).

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