Fault Management

Helix® Fault Management (FM) is a centralized system for the management of faults and alarms in complex carrier networks. Part of the Helix Service Assurance platform, it provides deep network visibility and an array of advanced analytics and automation tools, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to prevent predicted problems, act upon alerts in real-time, determine the root-cause of issues and automate the resolution process.

Machine-Learning Root Cause Analysis results


Your NOC team has a limited number of technical experts, required to maintain complex alarm rules and prioritize the flux of events as part of the daily work. Machine-Learning Root Cause Analysis (ML-RCA) adds an important level of automation to fault management, which extends the traditional rule-based RCA with adaptive mechanisms to quickly locate the source of problems. By analyzing historic and current streams of alarms the tool automatically suggests grouping and correlation between alarms and tags the potential root-cause alarms among them.


NOCs and SOCs tend to concentrate on current active alarms, with emphasis on the most severe ones. But ‘underneath the surface’ there could be hidden developing issues that might not reflect in the active alarms. Predictive Failure detects these emerging problems before they escalate and become significant, by assigning Trend and Anomaly scores to analyzed network entities. Alarm rules can combine current alarm on an entity with high scores of trend and anomaly to trigger notifications, diagnostics and corrective actions.


Screener is a machine-learning driven tool for alarms noise-reduction and prioritization when coping with large volumes of alarms. Based on automated analysis of alarms history and their related user actions, it assigns each of the current active alarms one of three tags to mark its importance: Premium, Standard or Spam. These tags help NOCs become more efficient by focusing their staff attention and process automation on the most important alarms, and shorten the time it takes to resolve them.


When services or their underlying network elements are down, the majority of downtime is spent on analyzing data and events to identify the problems that need correction. Helix® Fault Management includes an integrated set of tools that significantly reduce downtime and streamline processes to manage, diagnose and resolve the faults.

Helix Fault Management - advanced monitoring tool set


Sentinel is a centralized user experience tool for accessing all modules, views and user actions. The intuitive interface includes customized widgets and drill down options to help NOC and SOC teams monitor services status, network resources, sites and customers.

Cruiser is a diagnostic view module that provides customized view of alarms generated by the network equipment, services and performance threshold crossings.

Schematic Views provides a visual picture of the state of the network elements, with emphasis on abnormal events.

FM History analysis client is an investigation tool that can quickly retrieve and view an alarm history according to selected criteria.

NeTkT is a trouble ticketing solution with unique orientation and benefits for service providers’ operations.

ServiceImpact improves maintenance planning and customer satisfaction by predicting which services and customers will be impacted by a planned operation.
FM Reporter enables users to detect and investigate critical problems and developing trends, and take proactive actions before these events escalate.


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