Helix® Service Assurance Suite delivers an automated, analytical and proactive approach to performance, fault and service management.

About Helix® Service Assurance

TEOCO’s Helix® Service Assurance Suite equips CSPs with powerful tools to anticipate, identify and resolve service problems and network outages. The Helix platform enables a proactive approach to service assurance:

  • Expedites the resolution of fault, performance and service issues
  • Automates the most complex NOC and SOC processes
  • Prevents service degradations and SLA violations
  • Generates actionable insights to support closed-loop orchestration and self-healing

Service providers’ operations, engineering and business teams use the Helix capabilities to significantly improve service quality and availability, automate business processes and smoothly integrate new technologies such as 5G, NFV, SD-WAN, IoT and open-source deployments, from multiple vendors.

Helix Service Assurance products support all major mobile and fixed communications technologies.


Performance Management

Helix® Performance Management helps service providers stand by their promises. It offers a scalable solution for managing and forecasting performance and quality of service (QoS) for complex, multi-technology networks.

Built to process large amounts of data by using the latest Big Data technology, the solution helps operations and engineering teams to identify traffic patterns, predict failures and plan network expansions. Helix Performance Management advanced algorithms automatically detect anomalies in network entities behavior and adapt thresholds to KPI trends.


Fault Management

Helix® Fault Management solves every aspect of alerts management process. It enables operations teams to visualize, monitor and repair the network and IT malfunctions in real-time.

A set of advanced correlation and automation tools empowers NOC users to prioritize alarms, focus their resources on the most problematic faults, predict network degradation and take the necessary corrective actions to minimize the downtime and customer impact.


Service Management

Helix Service Management positions customers and their specific services at the spotlight. The solution provides service operations centers with comprehensive management tools to monitor, prioritize and investigate fault and performance issues at the service level.

Based on industry-leading network and service model, the intuitive set of geo-location and data visualization capabilities, along with end-to-end view of customers’ interactions across the network enables SOC teams to identify and predict the impacted sites, services and customers and reduces the risk of SLA violations.


TM Forum’s Catalyst Program

As a long time member of the TM Forum and a regular participant in their catalysts, we aim to drive thought leadership in the service assurance arena.
To learn about TEOCO’s involvement in the TM Forum Catalyst program read this article and watch this short video.

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