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CogniSense is a business intelligence solution that delivers actionable data insights into subscriber, device and network performance, built on geo-located data and advanced analytics.

Modern mobile networks generate vast amounts of subscriber experience data that can be geo-located for engineering, customer care, marketing and monetization use cases. But to uncover value within this vast sea of data requires advanced geo-analytics and sophisticated visualizations. Additionally, in the quest to continually improve operational efficiency, engineers require actionable insights which highlight the root causes of issues for rapid resolution. Dashboard and report customization to adapt data presentation to their specific needs is also important.

CogniSense was built to deliver on these requirements. Providing geo-analytics dashboards which present a high-level overview of network, subscriber and device performance and the ability to drill-down into charts and GIS’s to troubleshoot or investigate more specific business-driven analytics.


Advanced Geo-Analytics

Best-in-class geo-location analytics and virtual drive test capabilities including binned maps, VDT with complete L3 event analysis and KPI color-coded sectors all on a GIS. Analytics based on both OSS and probe data.

Actionable Insights

Focused on highlighting not only the issues but recommending resolutions too, through a rich set of graphical components for sophisticated visualizations. Navigation between maps, charts, reports and dashboards can be done in a single click. CogniSense also features a global filtering engine to filter data based on network area, users, call characteristics and more. Reporting and alarming can be enabled on all dashboard content for a more proactive monitoring approach.

Scalable Data Handling

Built on a globally proven, highly scalable, modern “Big Data” BI platform with a powerful HTML 5.0 web-based user interface to handle the vast amounts of data generated by modern networks.

Self Service

Users can create and customize their own dashboards, analyses and charts. A reporting module enables easy creation, scheduling and distribution of great looking reports.

Beyond Network Improvement

While geo-located data has traditionally been used for network optimization and troubleshooting use cases, CogniSense expands this to provide data monetization and subscriber profiling with use cases such as roaming analytics and profile segmentation analytics.

CogniSense - Anvanced geo-analytics


CogniSense delivers numerous network improvement, monetization and subscriber profiling use cases based on advanced geo-location based analytics. Some examples include:

Network Status

At a glance network status dashboard including latest hour network KPIs and a history of KPIs and trends. Distribution charts and a GIS give further details of the localization and type of faults experienced in network.

Top N Root Cause Analysis

Enables the efficient monitoring and analysis of problem subscribers, cells and devices. Investigation and root cause analysis is via distribution charts, GIS events and KPI visualization.

Historical Root Cause Analysis

Combined with the top N dashboard the historical RCA dashboard this dashboard provides further historic trending of faults and KPIs.

Roaming Analytics

Analysis of users based on their home network. Enables the assessment of roamer behavior and localization.

Profile Segmentation Analytics

Enables the efficient analysis of user profiles for the identification of time, behavioral and geographical patterns.

Dashboard Customization

Users with the necessary credentials are able to edit dashboards or create entirely new ones to fulfil additional use cases they may have.



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