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ASSET Indoor
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ASSET Indoor is an all-in-one next generation network design tool for planning high performance in-building, small cell and Wi-Fi networks in coordination with the macro network.

Customers are more reliant on their phones than ever before. As a result they expect a seamless user experience everywhere. This means CSP’s need to provide high quality coverage in building, stadiums, underground transport systems and everywhere else customers might want to use their phones.

For over 5 years, Analysys Mason has consistently ranked TEOCO as one of the largest vendors of network planning and optimization software in their Service Design and Orchestration Systems: Worldwide Market Shares report.

Indoor planning challenge

The challenge of providing this seamless coverage to customers can be broadly summarized into 4 main areas:

  • User experience – Customers expect a seamless user experience everywhere: in buildings, stadiums and underground transport systems.
  • Network complexity – Designing small cell, DAS and Wi-Fi heterogeneous networks (HetNets) for coverage, interference and capacity is complex.
  • Time to market – Where QoE is compromised, speed of design and deployment of a solution to rectify matters is critical to minimize churn.
  • Cost – HetNet design is costly, reducing the cost to design and build indoor coverage systems is critical to protecting margins.

The 3 tools in the ASSET Indoor suite provide a complete solution for design, deployment and workflow management of small cell, DAS and Wi-Fi sites covering both indoor and outdoor environments.

ASSET Indoor

ASSET Indoor delivers high performance designs in coordination with the macro network. It supports the latest LTE/LTE-A network features including CoMP, ICIC and  8×8 MIMO and Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard features. A 3D ray tracing based prediction engine and service aware capacity modeling ensure accurate designs, while smart CAD import functionality dramatically reduced the time to create 3D building models.

ASSET Indoor Tablet

ASSET Indoor Tablet offers RF design capabilities for onsite design engineers to carry out site surveys, run predictions and provide quick designs, reports and quotations on smaller systems. The tool is designed for those on the go and can work in environments without internet access.

ASSET Indoor Manager

ASSET Indoor Manager is a cloud-based project management and workflow tool that allows managers and engineers to track, share and project manage multiple projects. Projects can be synched from the cloud, network designs can be audited and approved and reports can be created on all aspects of a project.

Why ASSET Indoor?

ASSET Indoor is the best solution on the market for planning high performance in-building networks in coordination with the macro network

  • Overcome complexity – The only commercial tool capable of planning indoor environments in coordination with the macro environment.
  • Tablet compatibility – Optimized for use on tablets providing an ideal solution for site survey and installation.
  • Futureproof – Supports cellular networks including 5G, public safety, IoT, smart cities and public Wi-Fi.
  • Seamless user experience – Design for a seamless user experience everywhere: in buildings, stadiums and underground transport systems.
  • Extensive component list – Includes an extensive and comprehensive materials and components database.
  • Fastest time to market – Fastest time from floorplan to design. Reduce the time to plan by approximately 50%.

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