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Our RAN Solutions help you plan, optimize and manage your network to deliver maximum network performance and ensure efficient CAPEX utilization.

Network quality is a key differentiator. Network operators are only as good as their networks. Maintaining network quality while expanding coverage, adding capacity, and introducing new technologies and services is a challenging and resource intensive task. With intelligent solutions to address each stage of the network life cycle from planning to analytics, assurance to optimization, our RAN solutions deliver a wide range of capabilities to help engineers boost their efficiency and the performance of their network.

The ASSET Suite is a comprehensive planning portfolio designed to deliver cost-effective high performance networks for 2G/3G/4G and now 5G. Products within the ASSET Suite cover radio, backhaul and capacity planning across a wide range of technologies and provide dedicated functionality for indoor, Wi-Fi and small cells. Key to their success is the ability to integrate seamlessly into your wider OSS ecosystem. This allows you to easily transfer data to and from 3rd party systems to improve overall planning efficiency and accuracy.

Our optimization products, Mentor and Forte support all the major network equipment vendors. Their industry leading performance relies on best-in-class geo-location algorithms and using actual network measurements on which to base optimization decisions. Automation capabilities deliver operational efficiencies.

SmartCM, our configuration management solution, helps maintain network integrity by automating the monitoring, auditing, updating and reporting on network configuration.

AirborneRF is a connectivity data platform for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone operations in cellular networks.

In addition to our product portfolio, TEOCO has been a leader in RAN consulting and managed services for over 20 years. TEOCO’s RAN services team delivers packaged service solutions, a powerful combination of tools methodology and people. Learn more about our consulting services and managed services.

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