QCella (Analytics Platform)

TEOCO’s dedicated telecom analytics platform allows you to optimize your business performance. QCella offers multiple sets of financial and subscriber analytics use cases designed to support multiple applications that encourage data sharing and reuse. QCella eliminates silos and can assess, validate and model all the data available to TEOCO’s solutions for customer, planning, optimization, service assurance, geo-location, service quality and/or cost data sources. An additional analytics layer on top of other existing operator OSS & BSS suites, QCella provides a standalone analytics environment and with a proven return on investment (ROI), saving operator billions.

Our Analytics Platform Delivers on Business Value

  • 20+ years subject matter expertise in cost, margin, revenue, telecoms domain and technology
  • 100’s of proven use cases saving operators’ $billions
  • Machine learning for today’s rapid business decision needs
  • Cutting edge analytics platform for on-demand integration
  • Real-time analytics for subscribers and network experience & behavior


TEOCO QCella Analytics Platform


Collect, enrich, visualize, predict & investigate data to rapidly discover more profitable patterns

QCella, our telecom analytics platform, has the capacity to collect and process billions of event messages per day in real-time. Based on an ETLT (Enrich – Transform – Load – Translate) approach to data management, the platform supports scheduled and ad-hoc analytical queries from hundreds of users. New integration points can be added in hours. Data can be deposited to a published landing zone, or TEOCO can interrogate network elements to acquire the data directly from the network.

Granularity & Rapidity

QCella does not need to run pre-covered queries, and supports rapid discovery through analysis. Providing out-of-the-box support for the most common switch and network elements, QCella is highly granular and can be configured to receive data from virtually any source, delivering advanced visualization and discovery capabilities. As such, our telecom analytics platform dramatically accelerates data processing and delivers a highly granular view of the data to deliver actionable intelligent business decisions more promptly.

Distilling Intelligence from your network, operational and business data

QCella provides support for the most common switch and network elements, and can be configured to receive data from virtually any source. Our telecom data domain expertise allows us to combine information from the business and network perspectives, and apply our analytics platform and technology to large amounts of data to solve business problems. Bridging the gaps between technology and finance, enabling business optimization. We utilize subject matter expertise and apply machine learning on business data for predictive analytics, using historic data patterns to predict and plan for fast future business optimization.

Calculate Relevant Metrics

Our expertise in OSS and BSS solutions, combined with the capabilities of our QCella platform, allow quantitative and qualitative metrics to be derived.

Business and operational aspects – Key Performance and Quality Indicators (KPIs and KQIs) can be measured and then enriched with relevant information on subscriber experience, location, behavior and satisfaction. From this, an additional set of scores can be derived using our telecom analytics platform, such as predictive location, or propensity to churn. These metrics enable you to gain actionable intelligence on your business, along with objective metrics for better decisions.

Proven Solution with prompt ROI

Our telecom analytics platform is deployed with major Tier 1 wireline and wireless operators across the globe. QCella is delivered as a managed service, and can be hosted in public cloud, private cloud and on premises.

TEOCO is leading Big Data Analytics Globally for Telecommunication industry

TEOCO was the worlds first Netezza production deployment, years before Netezza was acquired by IBM. Leading and pushing the envelope for the telecommunication industry in big data analytics. In 2018 TEOCO was the first global customer in production using Yellowbrick Data MPP (massive parallel processing) database appliance for our Business Analytics big data platform.

TEOCO QCella Big Data Analytics Platform featuring Yellowbrick Data


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