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Traditionally, Network Operations Center (NOC) teams have focused their attention on identifying and resolving network related issues. However, in recent years, many communication service providers (CSPs) have gradually shifted their operations focus to one that monitors the quality of services in a way that is more aligned with a Service Operation Center (SOC) approach.

Specifically, the enterprise business segment is gaining increased importance in today’s communication market as the nature of enterprises and their mode of operations transform into truly digital businesses. Yet, enterprise services are much more complex than those offered to the consumer market.

Enterprise demands are significantly higher because businesses rely more heavily on the connectivity and IT infrastructure provided by the CSPs. For example, CSPs need ubiquitous access to the enterprise digital infrastructure, which often includes multiple domains and various locations. Strict, enforceable Service Level Agreements (SLA) are required to ensure service availability, quality, and customer service responsiveness. High volumes of data and distributed structures require sophisticated management beyond regular IT operations, and better visibility is needed into the key performance metrics affecting services.

Helix Service Assurance addresses the needs of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with a multi-faceted engine that looks at all aspects of service quality, and provides all this in one single platform. The solution includes an integrated set of tools that help operation centers to monitor services and customer experience in correlation with underlying network resources; predicting and preventing service degradations and quickly resolving existing service issues. Advanced geolocation and data visualization capabilities are used to pinpoint problematic service areas on a map and correlate geo-location information to service KQIs.

Key Benefits

  • SOC Dashboard
    • Allows SOC teams to monitor, prioritize and investigate fault and performance issues at the service level.
  • Service Impact
    • Assesses the impact of various types of network-related data, such as network alarms, probe information, KQIs, and TCAs on services and customers.
  • KPI/KQI Generator
    • Collects and processes service-oriented measurements in real-time and monitors SLAs.
  • Enterprise Customer Portal
    • Equips your enterprise customers with access to view and request changes to their service.
  • Service-Centric Approach
    • Correlates network, TCA alarms and service topology; full integration with wider OSS/BSS ecosystem through flexible, open APIs; sophisticated service modeling and service resources catalog.
  • End-to-End Service Analytics
    • Enables accurate and real time root-cause analysis, SLA impact forecasting and QoS anomaly prediction through advanced machine-learning algorithms.

Addressing the Needs of the Service Operations Center

Helix Service Assurance includes thorough service quality and customer experience metrics, along with full Hadoop integration to support the monitoring and storage of ‘Big Data’ volumes. Helix offers a dedicated SOC dashboard, enabling you to view and drill into service status and issues – across domains, networks and topologies – as an integral part of your operational processes:

  • Prioritize responses according to customer groups and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Advanced visualization of sites, services and customers
  • Focus on enterprise customers, governed by SLAs and their needs
  • A consolidated platform for managing alarms; providing a service topology view, with pre-defined reports and configuration details

Unified User Experience Focused on Services

Designed as an intuitive, centralized, process-driven interface, Helix Sentinel makes it easy for various types of service assurance information consumers to become more efficient, informed and collaborative, enabling a higher quality of service and customer care.

Service-centered organizations can leverage the tool to monitor service status, underlying resources, sites and customers to ensure adequate services are being delivered. Network-centered organizations can take advantage of Sentinel’s capabilities to investigate and troubleshoot network issues that affect services and customers.


Smart Assurance for Digital Business Services

Helix Service Assurance takes an analytics-driven approach to address the daily, ongoing management and assurance needs of services being delivered to your enterprise customers.

The solution is specifically designed to address the unique requirements of enterprise services, including CPE monitoring, VPNs, NFV, SD-WAN based infrastructure, and more.

  • Combined top-down and bottom-up investigation capabilities
  • Clear visibility with a unified view of all aspects of service performance management
  • Consolidated management of resources and services
  • Valuable combination of fault, performance, ticketing and configuration data.
  • Partitioned, customer-facing view into key performance data, service level status and service health

Service Impact

Service Impact is an innovative business-oriented module that is part of the Helix Service Assurance suite, and more specifically, the Helix Analytics toolset. It assesses how customers and services are impacted by various types of network related data – such as network alarms, probe information, and Threshold Crossing Alarms (TCAs).

Service Impact helps identify business-critical events, even before your customers can detect them. This capability lets you prioritize service restoration procedures, such as the creation of trouble tickets, based on the type of services and customers impacted, rather than on which network resources are impaired. As a result, operation centers can identify and prioritize high-impact problems affecting your most strategic customers, to maintain the high level of service required to protect key revenue sources.

Judite Reis, Network
Operations Director, NOS

Service Management
Offering a high-quality and differentiated customer experience has always been central to our ongoing growth strategy. Working with TEOCO gives us the technological agility and expertise to continually evolve and improve quality across all of our services. This includes improving our ability to instantly react to network issues as they arise.

Shachar Ebel, CTO, TEOCO

Service Management
Today, enterprises want agile, flexible and dynamic networks they can control in ways that best suit their business requirements. CSPs are well-positioned to deliver the SD-WAN services that can address these requirements but the agility brings certain level of complexity which they must overcome to ensure that they meet their customers’ needs without compromising the service quality. We are proud to work with this tier-1 North American carrier to deliver a fully integrated, analytics-driven, service focused solution to support its enterprise SD-WAN customers.

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