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Service Assurance Analytics

The ability to automate and optimize service assurance has become critical for service providers to be able to cope with the increasing network complexity and data volumes resulting from the ongoing digital transformation and the lead up to 5G.

Helix Analytics is an integrated set of service assurance software tools that apply patented AI and Machine-Learning algorithms on large volumes of data from diverse sources. These tools reveal deep, actionable insights about service behavior and the performance of the underlying network resources, detecting correlations and anomalies that cannot be traced by human inspection. By acting upon these insights, CSPs can automate their processes, achieve a higher level of operational efficiency and provide better services to enterprises and consumers.

Key Benefits

    • Focus your NOC, SOC and Engineering attention on critical issues by automatically tagging alarms based on importance and determining the root cause of problems.
    • Predict service degradations and SLA violations before they escalate and impact customers. Create massive data forecasts for counters, KPIs and network elements behavior. Trigger automated and semi-automated preventive actions.
    • Expedite the resolution of fault, performance and service events by locating the source of problems with machine learning algorithms and fast access to analytics insights.
    • Expedite the resolution of fault, performance and service events by locating the source of problems with machine learning algorithms and fast access to analytics insights.

Use Cases

Helix Analytics includes a suite of predictive, reactive and prescriptive cloud-ready service assurance tools that work together to reduce the volume of data that needs to be acted upon – and the time and effort it takes to fix network outages. This is critical for the success of network function virtualization and 5G; enabling a new era of process automation, improved operational efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.

Anil Rao,
Analysys Mason

Author of ‘Automated Assurance Systems: Worldwide Market Shares’, Sep 2019

Service Assurance Analytics
The standalone analytics layer has many commercial deployments, and acts as a differentiating proposition for TEOCO.

Monica Paolini,
Senza Fili

Author of ‘Mastering Analytics’

Service Assurance Analytics
For service providers, the ultimate goal of analytics is to improve the subscriber experience or the service quality, in a way that is cost effective and optimizes the use of network resources.

Geoffrey Moore

Author of ‘Crossing the Chasm’

Service Assurance Analytics
Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wondering out onto the web like deer on a freeway

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