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Performance matters. In today’s competitive communications markets, the winning service providers are the ones that deliver cost-effective, high-quality digital services. It is no wonder that CSPs increasingly view performance management as a matter of strategic importance. Accurate collection, processing and analysis of traffic information and key performance indicators (KPIs) invariably lead to better insights, more efficient network usage and improved Quality of Service.

Helix Performance Management (PM) is a scalable carrier-grade solution for managing the end-to-end performance and QoS of complex telecom networks of all types, including 5G, LTE, wireline and transport. As part of the Helix Service Assurance solution, Helix PM’s array of integrated software modules enable operational and engineering teams to meet and exceed their goals.

Key Benefits

    • Collect, process, store and analyze billions of performance measurements per day to identify performance issues and manage KPIs and counter sets.
    • Significantly reduce the number of required threshold rules, and the time to deploy new services.
    • Minimize service degradations and their impact on end customers by enabling early detection of traffic patterns and resolution of low performing networks.
    • Gain valuable insights into the nature of your network and user traffic, the patterns, and the behavior of different KPIs, with a set of analytics and machine learning algorithmic tools.
    • Correctly prioritize network expansions and upgrades to address uncovered anomalies and forecasted problems.
    • Get convenient access to performance management insights through a centralized user experience and investigation tool.

Use Cases

Gain deep insight into network performance and its reliability with a set of analytics and machine learning algorithmic tools.



When it comes to network performance, huge amounts of data arrive from multiple domains, equipment vendors, probes and external resources. Helix PM processes this data in diverse formats and in real-time. The solution supports ‘Big Data’ storage using Apache Hadoop framework, and can store all performance management data, including counters and KPIs, for both short and long-term retention periods.

Near Real Time Indicators.  Helix PM provides strong data-aggregation capabilities for calculating KPIs and Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), enhancing system performance and traffic-analysis calculations.

Service Performance Management.  Helix PM helps CSPs to improve Quality of Service and end-to-end monitoring of services for mobile, fixed, IP and OTT. SOC teams use Helix tools to quickly identify any violation of Service Level Objectives (SLO), as well as further investigate underlying issues.

Gediz Sezgin, EVP
Network Technologies, Turkcell

Performance Management
Our relationship with TEOCO goes back to 2002, and we’re happy to continue this with our implementation of Helix. TEOCO was able to provide us with a product that met our particular network performance management needs, supported by a significant local presence and resources that provide valuable expertize, system support and insight for us to draw upon, as and when we need it.

TEOCO is one of the few assurance vendors that offers its solutions in the SaaS model, making them cost-effective and operationally flexible for CSPs.

TDC Group

Performance Management
At TDC Group, we monitor the mobile network around the clock, seven days a week, all year round… We have alarms, which show when we are about to reach the maximum capacity threshold, so that any potential service breakdown is dealt with before it happens, and stability is ensured.

Gadiz Sezgin, CTO,

Performance Management
It is our intention to ensure Turkey is viewed as a thriving global digital hub, and an innovative advocate of optimal network performance. Our partnership with TEOCO spans our fixed and mobile networks and ensures the best possible user experience for Turkey’s growing digital population.

Fabio Luigi Piccini
Systems Director, Wind Tre

Performance Management
Widening HELIX PM to include our fixed and transport network domains was a reasonable decision taken in partnership with an important partner. We have worked closely with TEOCO for more than a decade, so we were certain that its HELIX PM solution would deliver the efficiency we wanted, without compromising functionality. Our operational network systems will be consolidated and transformed in a future proof environment.

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