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There is never a dull moment in the operations centers of communications service providers (CSPs), where the experts who monitor the health of the network and services are tasked with preventing and resolving problems. Increasing complexity from new network operations and technologies such as NFV, SD-WAN and 5G, and the rising demands of enterprise SLAs, have operations teams stretched beyond their limit.

As CSPs face this growing complexity, they are also challenged with delivering more high quality, personalized services to their subscribers, while also diversifying their business models to include Cloud and digital services.

To address these challenges, many service providers need to shift their operations center from a Network Operations Center (NOC) model to a Service Operations Center (SOC) model. Or at a minimum, combine the two together.



Both quality of service and the customer experience depend heavily upon a carrier’s underlying network resources. Managing these resources effectively requires NOC and SOC teams to collaborate closely and be fully aligned.

NOC teams employ a bottom-up approach, focusing on network resources. They are tasked with monitoring the performance of the network and resolving network equipment faults. The efficiency of NOC teams are typically measured by the time it takes them to solve network issues, or in the best case, to preempt them.

SOC teams implement a top-down approach, focusing on services and their customer impact. They are expected to monitor the overall quality of service and rapidly respond to service degradations and outages that impact subscribers and customers. SOC engineers usually focus on proactive measures in monitoring KPIs and KQIs.



TEOCO’s Helix Service Assurance suite is built to address the needs of both NOC and SOC teams, helping them achieve their goals and collaborate more effectively. Helix delivers a unified view of all aspects of operations management, including fault, ticketing, performance, and service. Helix tools eliminate the silos between network and service views, so operations centers can deliver a higher quality of service and improve customer care capabilities.

Using our NOC solutions, network engineers can quickly obtain an end-to-end view of the network’s status as they reduce the complexity of their activities. They benefit from the solution’s ability to process billions of records each day, with robust correlators and threshold crossing alarms (TCAs) designed to reduce the number of active alarms. All of this is possible with our innovative, machine-learning based algorithms which automate many actions.

Helix SOC tools include a comprehensive set of service quality and customer experience metrics, along with full Hadoop integration to support monitoring and storage of ‘Big Data’ volumes. Helix offers a dedicated SOC dashboard, enabling users to view and drill into services, sites, and customer status – across domains, networks and topologies – as an integral part of their operational processes.

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