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Quality of Service. Quality of Experience. Customer Satisfaction. Simply put, businesses and consumers expect high quality service – all the time. Connectivity has become the lifeblood of almost everything we do, making lengthy outages and recurring service problems unacceptable. To meet these expectations, your Network and Service Operations Centers (NOC and SOC) must be able to investigate, prioritize and resolve customer-impacting issues faster than ever. Efficient fault management plays a vital role in assuring customer satisfaction and business growth, especially with the introduction of hybrid, NFV powered 5G networks.

Helix Fault Management (FM) is a centralized system for managing faults and alarms in complex carrier networks. As part of the Helix Service Assurance platform, it provides deep network visibility and an array of advanced tools, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to prevent predicted problems, act upon alerts in real-time, determine the root-cause of issues and automate the resolution process.

Key Benefits

    • Prepare your NOC for 5G. Equip your engineers with analytics tools that will help them deal with the complexity of network faults and the influx of events as part of their daily work.
    • Locate the source of complex network problems and expedite their repair with machine-learning tools that analyze historic and current alarms, automatically grouping, correlating, and tagging the potential root-cause.
    • Future-proof your network. Get the diagnostic and investigative tools that help your operations teams automate fault monitoring, correlation, ticketing and resolution – and close the loop with restorative actions.
    • Streamline your NOC processes to better manage, diagnose and resolve network faults, with tools that reduce the need to maintain pre-defined rules, minimize user intervention, and optimize the activities of your NOC experts.
    • Proactively identify developing problems and predict their potential impact on services and customers. Enable corrective measures and maintenance planning to prevent future problems.
    • Deploy only the fault management tools you currently need, then ‘scale as you grow’ to support more: use cases, capacity, network technologies, services and automation.


Your NOC team has a limited number of technical experts who work to maintain a complex set of alarm rules and prioritize the increasing flux of daily events. TEOCO’s Machine-Learning Root Cause Analysis (ML-RCA) is a valuable tool designed to assist your team with adaptive mechanisms that help to quickly locate the source of problems. By analyzing both historic and current alarms, it automatically suggests groupings and correlations, and tags the potential root-cause among them.


NOCs and SOCs tend to concentrate on addressing the most current, active alarms – with an emphasis on fixing the most severe. But hidden beneath the surface, there could be underlying issues developing that might not be reflected in a list of active alarms. Helix® FM detects these emerging problems before they escalate, assigning Trend and Anomaly scores to areas that are constantly being analyzed within the network. Our proprietary algorithm automatically detects when these network entities develop high scores, triggering notifications, diagnostics and corrective actions.



NOC and SOC teams are expected to cope with a constantly increasing number of network alarms. To address this growing challenge, Helix® FM includes a machine-learning powered tool that reduces alarm ‘noise’. Based on a comprehensive analysis of alarm history and repair actions, it automatically prioritizes alarms so NOC/SOC teams become more efficient by focusing their valuable resources on the most important alarms, and shorten the time it takes to resolve them.


When services (or their underlying network elements) are compromised, most of the downtime is spent analyzing data and events to identify which areas need correction. Helix® FM provides an integrated set of tools that significantly reduce downtime, streamlining the process of managing, diagnosing and resolving network faults. By providing end-to-end alarm correlations, automatically creating rules and sending corrective measures to the network, NOC teams use Helix® FM to implement closed-loop operational processes with automatic and semi-automatic fault correction.



The evident complexity of assuring customer expectations of new services will require an integrated and automated set of tools that autonomously understand all the elements and services that are activated within a virtual and cloud based network.

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Alexander Tseytlin, SVP Maintenance, Rostelecom

Fault Management
On behalf of Rostelecom, I hereby wish to express my gratitude to TEOCO and its team, for their involvement in the implementation of the Netrac system which successfully assured network quality monitoring during the Sochi Olympics.

Inacio Fumo, Technical
Director, mCel

Fault Management
mCel chose TEOCO for this project because they offer a single suite of pre-integrated products that cater to all our needs, including Fault, Performance, Customer Experience and Trouble Ticketing. Having one platform has resulted in improved efficiency, management of data accuracy and most importantly increased visibility.

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