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ASSET Indoor is an all-in-one network design tool for planning high performance in-building systems in coordination with a carrier’s macro network.

Subscribers are more reliant on their phones than ever before. As a result, they expect a seamless user experience everywhere. This means CSP’s need to provide high quality coverage inside buildings and stadiums, and even in underground transport systems. Basically, everywhere customers might want to use their phones.

The challenge of providing seamless coverage to customers can be broadly summarized into three categories:

  • Network complexity – Designing small cell, DAS and Wi-Fi heterogeneous networks (HetNets) for coverage, interference and capacity requirements is complex.
  • Time to market – When service quality is compromised, the ability to quickly design and deploy the right solution is critical to help minimize customer churn.
  • Cost – HetNets are complex and costly to design. Reducing the cost of designing and building the indoor coverage portion is critical to protecting margins.

ASSET Indoor addresses these challenges, delivering best in class in-building system designs.

For over 5 years, Analysys Mason has consistently ranked TEOCO as one of the largest vendors of network planning and optimization software in their Service Design and Orchestration Systems: Worldwide Market Shares report.

Key Benefits

    • A CAD smart-extract tool, with automatic design optimization algorithms, one-click reports and the ability to rapidly draw inclined planes, atriums, stairwells and tunnels, minimizes planning time by up to 50%.
    • ASSET Indoor models both indoor and outdoor environments using a multi-ray prediction engine, allowing engineers to plan indoor systems in coordination with their outdoor macro network.
    • Intelligently plan and optimize different radio access technologies, leveraging multiple optimization algorithms for cells, topology, frequencies and antennas.
    • Workflow management and project monitoring, auditing and reporting enables users to efficiently track, manage and archive in-building projects.
    • With a local presence through 26 offices in 15 countries across all regions of the world, and a customer base that includes over 300 operators, TEOCO has the scale, expertise and local staff to support you.
    • TEOCO is a well-established and profitable company with a long track record of success. We are not just a planning company, we understand all aspects of your business and build our tools with that in mind.

Use Cases

ASSET Indoor provides a complete solution for design, deployment and workflow management of small cell, DAS and Wi-Fi sites; covering both indoor and outdoor environments.

Client Feedback

“TEOCO’s market-leading position in Engineering Systems reflects the success of its extensive network planning and optimization solution set, built by some very cohesive acquisitions and integrated effectively to form a leading portfolio.”

– Analysys Mason

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