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ASSET Design provides an automated approach to cell planning and site placement for mobile/wireless networks.

Automation has been a key area of interest for network planning/optimization. In light of growing complexity and decreasing resources, an automated approach can help engineering teams to substantially increase network design quality and/or delivery speed, and to drastically reduce the risk and total cost of ownership (TCO) of suboptimal network designs.

ASSET Design is the ASSET module for automated network design. Based on intelligent algorithms and embedded network expertise, ASSET Design supports effective planning/optimization – including new site placement – for evolving multi-technology mobile/wireless networks.

ASSET Design extends the benefits of the industry-leading ASSET suite, using measured network/customer (e.g. crowdsourced) data too. Importantly, ASSET Design provides an efficient framework for What-If analysis based on different hypotheses about the present and the – difficult to accurately predict – future.

A fit-for-purpose solution incorporating 20+ years of automatic planning/optimization experience, ASSET Design is used (with ASSET Radio) by GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G NR and WiFi network engineers. Leading network operators worldwide have benefited from the Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) and/or Automatic Site Placement (ASP) capabilities of ASSET Design.

For over 5 years, Analysys Mason has consistently ranked TEOCO as one of the largest vendors of network planning and optimization software in their Service Design and Orchestration Systems: Worldwide Market Shares report.

Key Benefits

    • ASSET Design can augment network planning/optimization teams by helping them address challenges through its advanced capabilities. Engineers can thus produce better and more consistent network designs in less time than before.
    • ASSET Design enables engineers to automatically plan/optimize a network, based on engineering as well as business criteria. Results can often be enhanced by using crowdsourced and other live network data.
    • ASSET Design supports the efficient consideration of various scenarios. In this way, ASSET Design helps assess (based on diverse criteria) how good each network design is or would be today, and how good it is expected to be in the near/far future.
    • ASSET Design extends the benefits from using the industry-leading ASSET suite for network planning/optimization. The combination of the ASSET Radio and ASSET Design capabilities has led to great results in practice.
    • With a local presence through 26 offices in 15 countries across all regions of the world, and a customer base that includes over 300 operators, TEOCO has the scale, expertise and local staff to support you.
    • TEOCO is a well-established and profitable company with a long track record of success. We are not just a planning company, we understand all aspects of your business and build our tools with that in mind.

Use Cases

ASSET Design helps engineers to efficiently produce good-quality, real-world and holistic network designs.

Analyst Viewpoint

“TEOCO’s market leading position in Engineering Systems reflects the success of its extensive network planning and optimization solution set, built by some very cohesive acquisitions and integrated effectively to form a leading portfolio”

– Analysys Mason

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