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AIRCOM Labs – a TEOCO company, provides a comprehensive device testing program from product design to launch for the world’s leading device manufacturers, OEMs, communication service providers and regulators.

As advances are made in communications technology, the path through carrier acceptance testing, regulatory testing and industry conformance testing becomes more and more difficult to navigate. Different device types require different planning, testing and issue resolution.

The ability to certify new devices on the network remains critical, however, and the growing complexity of the technologies involved make it even more mission critical to ensure that the growing wave of device types from Retail/Branded/Stock devices to IoT devices using approved embedded modules, meet minimum performance and conformance criteria prior to network launch.

AIRCOM Labs provides a comprehensive device testing management solution to the global wireless ecosystem. From our fully accredited and authorized facilities in North America, to our extensive range of testing partners, we are well equipped to handle your device lifecycle testing needs to ensure your wireless products and services are delivered to market in a timely fashion and maintained to ever changing requirements through the product’s lifetime.

Over the past five years, our lab has tested over 1000 devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, data cards, modules, chipsets, and various IoT devices from more than 75 manufacturers.

Our comprehensive set of test services serve the wireless industry and include Global Certification Forum as an official RTO and the PTCRB testing as an approved primary testing laboratory. We also offer testing and test management services for operator-specific requirements for the Tier-1 US wireless operators we support. AIRCOM Labs provides a convenient and cost-effective “one-stop-shop” experience to the mobile communications industry and more importantly offers a partnership solution for developing and testing your products through current and upcoming technology changes and requirements.

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