TEOCO provides telco-focused financial consulting services and expertise. We’ve worked with some of the largest service providers in the world – successfully finding new ways to cut costs, recover lost revenue and improve margins to the tune of $120 million per year.

The communications industry is in an era of transformative change; with a flood of new technologies, services, customers, devices and complex partnerships to manage. All this complexity creates new avenues of financial risk – where costs can skyrocket, and margins quickly fade.

We optimize your financial and business performance, beginning with an initial, no-risk audit that immediately uncovers hidden areas of cost-savings with recommendations for long-term improvements by analyzing and auditing the key areas that financially impact your business: wholesale carrier invoices, contracted rates, network costs, and subscriber margins. Our team of telco financial experts provides decades of experience – paired with TEOCO’s big data technology, tools and automation – to quickly identify and target your specific business challenges. Our machine learning based audits and automated BOTS help to automate and improve the audit process.

  • Cost Recovery
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Revenue Uphold

Our usage audit team has identified and provided expert testimony and legal support on many successful large dollar carrier complaints. We even have a dedicated team that focuses on filing and resolving identified audit issues. In fact, TEOCO filed over 10,000 claims for clients in 2018.

Key Benefits

    • Before beginning each project, we work to clearly define your objectives to ensure a win-win outcome.
    • Leverage TEOCO’s cost management experts through our one-time audits, or to augment your own company’s resources over the long-term.
  • ROI
    • Proactive information delivery via reports and dashboards improves MTTR, which means engineers spend less time troubleshooting and more time optimizing the network.
    • Our services are enhanced with software tools that utilize the latest in machine-learning and analytics for optimizing audit workflows.
    • Process automation improves the speed and accuracy of administrative functions like dispute management and audit research.
    • We’ve completed hundreds of successful audit use cases, thanks to our powerful big-data analytics tools and trusted team of industry experts.

Use Cases

TEOCO has provided cost management services to many of the top telecom companies in our industry, uncovering hundreds of millions annually in cost savings and recovered revenue. Each project is customized to maximize its effectiveness.

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For over 25 years, TEOCO has helped network operators run state-of-the-art networks and profitable businesses. Learn how we can help you in the areas critical to the success of modern CSPs.

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