21st February 2013

TEOCO Launches INrange™ Location-Based Predictive Analytics Solution

TEOCO Applies Big Data Geolocation to Help Mobile Operators Increase Advertising Revenue

Fairfax, Va., 21 February 2013 – TEOCO, the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to communications service providers worldwide, today announced the availability of INrange™ Analytics to help mobile service providers increase revenue from Mobile Advertising. INrange leverages TEOCO’s recently-announced Location Analytics capabilities and its Customer Analytics big data platform to identify subscriber travel patterns and deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns.

Location has long been viewed as one of the most important determinants of subscriber response to targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Traditional location-based mobile targeting delivers offers to customers when they are within a set distance from a particular establishment, capitalizing on impulse engagements. INrange Analytics’ unique approach predicts where customer are likely to be at any given time, allowing offers to be sent to opted-in customers as they plan their day and before any purchasing decisions have been made.

Mobile advertising revenues are projected to double in each of the coming years, with location ads commanding a premium. Until now, operators only received a small percentage of this revenue, despite possessing a wealth of subscriber data.

“Mobile operators will use INrange to deliver extremely valuable subscriber analytics to advertisers, agencies and brands to enable more successful – and more responsible – mobile advertising campaigns,” said John Devolites, TEOCO’s VP and General Manager. “Consumers plan between sixty and eighty percent of their purchasing decisions in advance. By focusing on helping customers plan their day, INrange offers a more satisfying user experience. Additionally, INrange provides a multi-level opt-in mechanism directly controlled by the subscriber for more relevant offers, while respecting customer privacy and mobile marketing guidelines.”

“INrange is an industry-first,” said David Corley, TEOCO’s VP of Engineering. “The solution covers all devices and subscribers, without requiring specialized hardware or software agents to be installed. Instead, INrange repurposes subscriber data operators already generate and applies a variety of geolocation, temporal and geoclustering algorithms. INrange then computes a predictive score for where a mobile device will be at any given time.”

TEOCO will feature INrange Analytics at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain during February 25-28, 2013.

TEOCO is the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to Communication Service Providers worldwide. TEOCO’s product portfolio includes:
Customer Analytics –Combine profitability, quality of experience, and behavioral data to better understand, target and engage the subscriber base.
Margin Assurance – Manage costs and revenues to understand the profitability of every transaction.
Service Assurance – Resolve faults, maximize performance & utilization, and improve customer experience.
Network Optimization – Optimize radio access networks to reduce costs while improving coverage, capacity, and quality of the network.

Since 1995, TEOCO has helped over 140 of the largest service providers around the world to manage and evolve their businesses efficiently and profitably, while enhancing the customer experience. TEOCO is widely recognized for its commitment to principled entrepreneurship, business ethics and employee ownership with a particular emphasis on its core values of alignment with employees, clients and community.

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