Company Overview


TEOCO is a leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEM’s worldwide.

Our solutions enable the digital transformation of CSPs while enhancing their network QoS, improving their customer experience and reducing their operational costs.   Through advanced analytics and automation, TEOCO solutions provide actionable and measureable insights into network and customer behavior. This includes the optimization, effective monetization, and delivery of new and existing services, such as VoLTE and ViLTE. Our commitment to network flexibility and agility makes TEOCO the obvious choice for CSPs looking to leverage NFV/SDN and the rise of 5G, and to maximize the revenue potential of new opportunities tied to video and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).

Results-Driven Relationships
Industry-leading companies choose TEOCO because of our world class solutions and unmatched commitment to measurable results. Our global customer base spans mobile, fixed, hybrid and next generation networks, providing wholesale, retail, 3rd-party, peering, resale, MVNO business agreements and other business models.

Our success comes from our clients’ success – we help to increase profitability and create more efficient networks. The powerful combination of technology and telecom-focused experience makes us both a market leader and a robust business management partner.

Extensive product and solutions portfolio:

  • Business Analytics – Provides a granular view of subscriber, network and business transactions, enabling CSPs to increase revenues, expand margins and maximize subscriber value and profitability. TEOCO touches all aspects of a CSPs business operations, and provides insights into profitability, margins, roaming, costs, traffic, usage, subscribers, routes and partners.
  • RAN Solutions – Helps engineers plan, optimize and manage a network to deliver maximum network performance and efficient CAPEX utilization. TEOCO’s RAN products and solutions are multi-technology and multi-vendor, delivering best-in-class planning, geo-location, audit and optimization capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Service Assurance – Delivers CSPs an automated, analytical, proactive and unified approach to service quality assurance, network performance management and fault management. By simplifying CSPs operations and supporting the digital transformation we enable the quick adoption of next-generation telecommunications services driven by technology advancements such as virtualization, NFV/SDN, 5G and IoT.
  • Device and IoT – Provides device testing, monitoring and benchmarking solutions to the world’s leading device manufacturers, CSPs and regulators to ensure mobile and IoT devices meet minimum performance requirements. For network operators, device certification is essential in ensuring subscriber satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art lab assists customers in the increasingly complex and time-consuming task of device certification.

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