Delivers sophisticated analytics for proactive assurance and increased visibility

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 15 February 2018: TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide, today announced the launch of Helix® 10, the latest version of its Service Assurance solution. With Helix® 10 TEOCO introduces a new range of features – BigData Hadoop based Performance Management, and Sentinel-Business Services & SOC dedicated solution – which are designed to boost CSPs’ ability to manage complex networking challenges, and support the needs of evolving digital enterprises.

With the shift in focus to managed services on top of the network, as well as the introduction of new IoT and 5G use cases, modern NOC (Network Operations Centre), SOC (Service Operation Centre), and engineering departments require access to an ever-growing amount of real-time information and insights. This includes all network and services related information across all technology domains – including both traditional and next-generation cloud-driven NFV and SDN networks – and all insights provided by sophisticated analytics and machine learning algorithms. Helix® 10 brings together TEOCO’s market leading performance, fault, service and customer experience management capabilities to deliver embedded real-time analytics and end-to-end service-level visibility.

BigData Performance Management

Helix® 10 will allow the total visibility of all performance data for analysis and investigation, expanding and improving the measurement, visualization and analysis of the network performance and customer experience. CSPs now have the ability to combine previously siloed datasets, while ultra-scalable mediation and Hadoop framework-driven architecture enables the collection, processing, storage and analysis of data across network devices and infrastructure for an ever-growing amount of managed elements driven by 5G and the IoT. Helix® 10 leverages TEOCO’s investments in machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to expand the Helix® analytics offering to derive network failure predictions and root cause analysis, drive proactive assurance, and enable advanced automation while taking into consideration the dynamic nature of NFV/SDN-driven network architectures.

Sentinel-Business Services & SOC dedicated solution

Helix® 10 is specifically designed to provide business services’ SOC with the tools needed to monitor and deliver against targeted SLAs to meet strict KPIs, while providing a greater level of visibility into enterprise customers’ services performance data. By providing both operations and engineering teams with complete visibility of faults, performance and services data, Helix® 10 enables significant reduction in problem discovery times and resolution process, whilst positively contributing to CSPs business goals. Helix’s® Enterprise Services solution delivers advanced capabilities specifically designed to address the unique requirements of enterprise service providers, including service delivery path visualization, CPE monitoring, pure and hybrid SD-WAN deployment support, and out of the box integration with SD-WAN equipment.

“Helix® 10 provides CSPs with the unique insight to combine datasets, identify and understand service performance issues as they prepare for the exploding world of 5G and IoT increased network complexity. With Helix’s® enhanced analytics and automation capabilities, operators can manage their networks more efficiently and proactively than ever before,” said Shachar Ebel, CTO, TEOCO. “Critically, they can maintain the connectivity and service level performance vital to support the digital experience and enterprises’ services, who are heavily depended on a strong communication backbone to streamline their business. The sophisticated analytics and visibility enabled by Helix® 10 will provide customers with the ability to evolve alongside the developing network technologies.”



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