New network configuration management tool provides live and continuous network visibility

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 22 February 2016 – TEOCO, the leading provider of engineering, assurance and analytics solutions to communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide, has announced the release of SmartCM, its next-generation Radio Access Network (RAN) configuration management product for mobile operators,.

SmartCM is based on TEOCO’s expertise in RAN planning, management and optimization and delivers to operators a faster, more accurate and efficient configuration solution. It provides engineers with live and continuous visibility of the performance of the radio network, enabling them to make changes to the configuration that can reduce operators’ network operating costs and improve network quality for subscribers.

SmartCM integrates with operator network planning tools such as TEOCO ASSET and other external systems, allowing the live network configuration to be loaded into the network planning tool and enabling the automatic production of a discrepancy report that identifies inconsistencies between changes made to the network against those recorded in the network database. This guarantees that the operator can plan any changes to the network from an accurate baseline performance that matches the live network. The operator can be certain that any planning and optimization changes are made to an accurately represented network: this in turn delivers better performance.

SmartCM is vendor and technology-agnostic. It supports GSM, UMTS and LTE network infrastructure and radio technologies from major network equipment vendors. Using SmartCM, operators can automatically monitor and audit the accuracy and performance of changes to the configuration of their networks. By automating this process, SmartCM is faster, cheaper and more accurate than traditional manual approaches. As a result, operators can optimize their networks more quickly – meaning their subscribers ultimately benefit from a better user experience.

“Operators need a way to continuously ensure that their networks are correctly configured to deliver the best possible performance. But without accurate baseline information on their existing configuration, operators face a tough challenge to properly optimize their networks, and also to plan their future network strategy,” said Atul Jain, CEO of TEOCO. “With no accurate way to validate how their network is configured, operators risk losing revenue and delivering a poor customer experience to subscribers. The new SmartCM solution gives operators the ongoing and accurate visibility of their network’s configuration that they need for a better-performing network that delivers a reliable and high-quality service to subscribers.”