New version of planning tool adds small cell backhaul support, 64-bit OS computing

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 24 June 2015 – Network assurance and analytics company TEOCO today launched the latest version of CONNECT, its wireless backhaul network planning tool. CONNECT 9.0 includes several new upgraded features to meet mobile operators’ latest requirements for designing and planning the wireless backhaul elements of their mobile networks.

The new features added to CONNECT 9.0 include a unique function for more accurate small cell backhaul planning. CONNECT 9.0’s “Site backhaul ranking” enables operators to evaluate a large number of potential small cell locations in terms of their backhaul connectivity.

It assesses each location for its suitability to accept a Line-Of-Sight (LOS), non-LOS or wired backhaul connection to the existing network. Small cell planners and RF planning tools can use this information to make better, more informed decisions about where to locate small cells and how to connect them to the macro network.

Other new features added to CONNECT 9.0 include 64-bit OS computing, to support larger data sets for very large networks that include more than 100,000 wireless links. Finally, CONNECT 9.0 incorporates the latest ITU recommendations for Line-Of-Sight link modelling.

“With the advent of small cells, and ultra-dense mobile networks in the horizon, it is now imperative to break down the walls between backhaul planning and radio planning,” said Daniel Ramirez, Director of Planning Products. “The new version of CONNECT gives mobile operators the ability to bridge the two worlds by helping radio planners find the best locations by considering their backhaul needs.  CONNECT continues to provide the most accurate backhaul planning capabilities in line with the added scale and complexity of today’s networks.”

CONNECT is part of the TEOCO planning portfolio, a set of tightly integrated tools to make the entire planning process as seamless as possible. The other products in the portfolio include ASSET (radio planning), CAPESSO (automatic cell planning), DIMENSION (capacity planning) and Velox (small cell planning).

CONNECT provides a complete backhaul planning solution for microwave, optical, satellite and copper links to support multiple RAN technologies, including LTE.  Its cost analysis also allows operators to budget forecasts for different planning scenarios, including the ROI for network deployment. The CAPEX and OPEX of links can also be calculated to aid financial planning.