New version adds LTE-A and VoLTE support, small cells for complex, large-scale networks and brings Geolocation directly to ASSET users

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 23 JUNE 2015 – TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), today announced a new version of its ASSET radio network planning software.

ASSET 9.0 features enhanced LTE capabilities, including modelling of VoLTE networks, in order to support better voice and data services as well as enabling operators to plan their next-generation offerings in upcoming years.

With an ever increasing data demand comes the need for small cells to make these networks viable. TEOCO has therefore improved the small cell planning capabilities of ASSET by adding Velox, a new small cell planning module,that incorporates backhaul and radio planning into operators’ macro network planning models.

Another new module, ASSET Geo, brings geo-located traffic and performance maps directly to ASSET users. ASSET 9.0 also includes enhanced integration, both with other TEOCO products and third party solutions as well. This, along with ASSET’s support for all radio technologies, including WiFi, makes ASSET a complete solution for planning all parts of the radio network, and which also fully connects to the wider OSS/BSS eco-system.

ASSET 9.0 is now a fully native 64-bit application for added scalability and improved performance. This means that ASSET can now manage larger data sets and support the planning of larger networks than was previously possible – including networks that contain over 750,000 cells and which feature a range of radio technologies, multiple carriers, and complex antenna systems.

“The latest advances in radio network technology present new challenges for mobile operators and their engineers who must plan and build networks that are efficient and profitable,” said Daniel Ramirez, Director of Planning Products at TEOCO. “ASSET 9.0 allows operators to factor in the next generation of radio technology into how they design and plan their increasingly complex networks.”

ASSET is one part of TEOCO’s network planning portfolio, a set of tightly integrated products to make wireless network planning as seamless as possible. Other products from TEOCO include CAPESSO (automatic cell planning), CONNECT (backhaul planning), DIMENSION (capacity planning) and Velox (small cell planning).


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