TEOCO announces the addition of Customer Experience Management for actionable analytics

FAIRFAX, VA., USA, AND LEATHERHEAD, UK – 04 MARCH 2015 – TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), has today released CEM, its latest version of the Customer Experience Management solution for end-to-end analytics of subscribers’ activity and improved Quality of Service (QoS).

CSPs’ engineering, network, customer operations and marketing teams can all use CEM to gain in-depth visibility of subscriber activity, and also to rapidly identify, investigate and resolve QoS issues as they happen.  CEM’s open integration capabilities means different teams can use it to work together on preserving existing subscriber revenues, and creating new revenue-generating opportunities as well .

CEM uses multi-dimensional diagnoses, including data from network elements, probes, and performance metrics to power advanced insights onto the experience of subscribers.

The solution brings together TEOCO’s proven capabilities in service assurance, geo-location, and analytics. Using the Hadoop framework, CEM can retain xDRs, KPIs and KQIs for a limitless period of time to monitor and analyze subscriber’s network experience, and proactively troubleshoot service issues. CEM also integrates with TEOCO’s existing fault detection and performance monitoring solutions, and offers the same multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-domain and multi-source capabilities.

“Service assurance has evolved from network- to service- to customer-centric and our offering reflects this evolution,” said Shachar Ebel, CTO of TEOCO. “CEM integrates advanced analytical capabilities and algorithms for operators to obtain actionable intelligence using data from their networks and subscribers to deliver better operational performance, improved quality of service, and greater competitiveness. Furthermore, operators can use this intelligence as the foundation to create for new next-generation revenue streams.”

TEOCO is the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to Communication Service Providers worldwide.  TEOCO’s product portfolio includes:

  • Customer Analytics –Combine profitability, quality of experience, and behavioral data to better understand, target and engage the subscriber base
  • Margin Assurance – Manage costs and revenues to understand the profitability of every transaction
  • Service Assurance – Resolve faults, maximize performance & utilization, and improve customer experience
  • Network Optimization – Optimize radio access networks to reduce costs while improving coverage, capacity, and quality of the network

Since 1995, TEOCO has helped over 140 of the largest service providers around the world to manage and evolve their businesses efficiently and profitably, while enhancing the customer experience. TEOCO is widely recognized for its commitment to principled entrepreneurship, business ethics and employee ownership with a particular emphasis on its core values of alignment with employees, clients and community.

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