Cloud-based offer brings field-proven solution to CSPs of all sizes and a platform of choice for OSS outsourcing and consolidation

Fairfax, Va., 14 May 2013 – TEOCO, the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide today announced a new cloud-based Service Assurance solution with a focus on agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Netrac Cloud addresses the associated risks and costs of the operations and management of network services, empowering operators to focus on their core activities. CSPs can easily scale up their operational and engineering resources, focus on deploying new services, and rapidly respond to evolving network technologies. Further, it addresses the recent trend of outsourced OSS applications, and consolidation initiatives of multi-property operators.

“Availability of the Netrac solution irrespective of location reduces the burden on operators’ IT and business departments, while focusing on improved customer service experience and efficient utilization of network resources,” declared Eitan Naor, General Manager of TEOCO’s service assurance business. “This past year, TEOCO gained invaluable experience in multiple service assurance cloud initiatives in South America and Europe. It became clear such a business model was not only technically feasible, it appeals to operators everywhere and brings significant business value for a solution that typically requires significant deployment resources.”

“Providing carrier-grade, real-time service assurance solutions in the cloud required overcoming multiple technology challenges,” added Shachar Ebel, CTO and VP Products, Service Assurance. “Providing agility, customer flexibility, on-demand scalability and zero-touch remote agents are key. Additionally, new types of security and survivability threats cannot be ignored and are well addressed within Netrac Cloud.”

Netrac Cloud is available on-demand in TEOCO’s Cloud data centers, or as part of the operator’s Private Cloud, ensuring users adopt the products and the functionalities they support in the most tailored manner.

Netrac Cloud will be demonstrated at TM Forum Management World (May 13-16, 2013) in Nice, France at TEOCO’s Booth #36.