Mentor Optimization & Analysis Platform introduces Virtual Drive Test Feature for multi-technology VIP-customer experience management.

Fairfax, Va., 26 June 2012 – TEOCO, the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to communications service providers worldwide, has launched the latest version of its RAN optimization and analytics platform for UMTS and GSM networks. Mentor v8.0, the flagship product of recently-acquired Schema Ltd., provides Operators with the insight and tools needed to improve VIP-customer quality of service. A key new functionality of the release is the Virtual Drive Test, a multi-technology visualization of geo-located session event data, for real-time analysis of VIP user patterns and usage trends.

Using the Virtual Drive Test, Operators can view and analyze multiple perspectives of a single session, to quickly resolve critical network issues. The highly customizable feature allows engineers to further drill down to device-specific and service-specific events to effectively allocate resources to where they are most needed, effectively managing and optimizing customer experience and network performance.

“Mentor’s Virtual Drive Test is the key to effective Customer Experience management”, says Tommy Quitt, GM of Network Optimization for TEOCO, “The ability to visualize and track a VIP subscriber or group within a multi-technology environment is a powerful tool for Operators. By proactively understanding their subscribers’ behavior, Operators can respond quickly and effectively to subscribers’ shifting needs, and anticipate future service demands.”

“Virtual Drive Test transcends the limitations and costs of traditional drive testing”, continues Mr. Quitt, “It is a business driver: With Mentor, Operators can monetize their VIP user intelligence by establishing a significant competitive advantage in terms of quality of experience for all customers, reducing churn and increasing revenue”.

Other new features in Mentor v8.0 include Targeted Statistics, a pinpointed area analysis and network element impact investigation feature; enhanced customization for all GeoLocation and visualization features; and optimization support for planned sites and sectors.

Mentor expands TEOCO’s Customer Analytics solutions by leveraging detailed mobile measurement events and dramatically improving the accuracy of network GeoLocation and visualization.


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