Fairfax, Va., 22nd February 2012 – TEOCO, the leading provider of Assurance and Analytics solutions to communications service providers worldwide, announced today the general availability of its fully integrated, end-to-end, cross domain, Service Assurance solution for telecom service providers, Netrac 6.1.

Netrac 6.1 introduces a suite of new functionalities, including a full Linux version, Netrac Service Quality Center (SQC) and upgraded GIS capabilities powered by Google Earth™.

“With the exploding volume of bandwidth-intensive mobile data traffic, ensuring high-quality and availability for mobile voice, apps and data services across every domain of the network require a consolidated approach to the traditional siloed Fault, Performance and Service management solutions. Netrac 6.1 suite is TEOCO’s latest Service Assurance products pre-integrated to ensure compatibility and interoperability between service, performance and fault management solutions,” said Shachar Ebel, CTO and VP Products, Service Assurance.

Netrac 6.1 introduces new functionalities and capabilities including a Linux version which brings a lower-cost alternative for running their Service Assurance operations without compromising the functionality, performance or reliability. Also included is Netrac Service Quality Center (SQC), a new centralized portal for all service quality issues which will allow service providers to better focus on VIP customers, maintain high service levels and improve the customer experience. SQC features upgraded GIS capabilities powered by Google Earth™ tightly integrated within Netrac FaM Cruiser.

“Appreciating the service provider’s need to assure a high quality of service for its customers in a cost conscious market, TEOCO has proactively updated its roadmap to focus on service management and customer experience assurance, introducing new and innovative capabilities while reducing total cost of ownership and improving return on investment,” concluded Mr. Ebel.


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