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External consulting services can greatly benefit your network engineering department, especially when OPEX in under scrutiny and increasing permanent staff headcount is difficult. External network consulting services can reduce time to market for a new technology, add capacity over a short duration when hiring permanent staff would be impractical, and can bring best practices from other operators into your engineering department.

With the 2013 purchase of AIRCOM International, a recognized leader in network services for almost 20 years, TEOCO gained a significant network services team and portfolio. In the past 5 years, the team have successfully delivered over 250 projects in all corners of the globe as well as a number of full managed services.

Our offerings provide a number of unique differentiators:

  • Independence from NEP’s means our planning efforts are not conflicted by the equipment sales.
  • A broad planning tools portfolio, including the ability to leverage geo-location measurements, provides capabilities unmatched by consultants alone.
  • Global multi-vendor experience ensures we can share best practices from market leaders.
  • Off-shore capabilities provide cost-efficient and timely deliveries.

We offer a broad portfolio of tools driven services spanning network audit, planning and optimization.


Network Planning and Evolution

Network planning is the foundation for ensuring a high-performing network with which to create a competitive edge and capture new revenue streams.

A poor design can lead to poor performance and many hours spent attempting optimization, often without success. While designing and building greenfield networks is quite rare these days, network design is still an integral part of the network lifecycle. Networks are continually expanded to match capacity demand and new technologies are deployed on top of the existing networks.

We offer three primary categories of planning services:

  • New technology strategy
  • New technology deployment
  • Network consolidation

New technology strategy – What is your 5G business case: business model, timing, industry verticals, ROI on options? What technology makes sense? What spectrum does it make sense to re-purpose? TEOCO’s experts can help you work through all of these options.

New technology deployment – You need to keep pace with the latest technology releases to maintain competitiveness and meet customer demand. Adding a new technology, such as LTE, VoLTE, IoT or 5G, to an existing network brings significant technical and resource challenges. Taking a services approach benefits from global best practices and prevents your existing team from being stretched too thin.

Network consolidation – Mobile networks are going through a consolidation phase with many operators merging or signing network sharing agreements. Both of these scenarios require consolidation of two networks into one, to realize the financial and performance benefits. TEOCO consultants have completed a number of these projects and can ensure your consolidation runs smoothly.


Network Optimization and Growth Planning

Poor quality of experience is a primary reason for customer churn. As networks expand and traffic increases, performance typically degrades. Optimization is required to boost network performance and return it to back to previous levels. Additionally as customer behavior changes and traffic moves in the network, traffic balancing can level utilization across the network helping to delay spending on new equipment.

We offer three primary categories of network services for optimization and growth planning: coverage shaping and performance tuning and capacity management. The services are provided as “solutions”, a powerful combination of tools, proven methodologies and optimization experts.

Coverage shaping – Network planning exercises are never perfect for many reasons, it is therefore necessary to optimize coverage during the pre- and post-launch stages of a network roll-out. This ensures the network is providing as much interference-free coverage as possible. Coverage shaping services can also be used to minimize coverage holes which are resulting in customer complaints or improving coverage statistics to meet license obligations.

Proactive cluster tuning – As networks expand and traffic grows, performance typically degrades. Continuous optimization is required to keep the network running at its best. Performance tuning targets specific issues on the worst performing areas of the network with either a wide area optimization approach or a cluster based approach depending on the scenario.

Capacity Management – Our capacity management approach is based on a combination of subject matter experts and our ASSET Capacity tool. Using rich data inputs, advanced forecasting algorithms, network optimization expertise and automated ‘what-if’ analysis we deliver significantly more accurate capacity dimensioning.


Operations and Troubleshooting

Our operations and troubleshooting services cover subscriber/network audits and analytics, customer complaint root cause analysis and vendor management. Maximizing customer satisfaction helps prevent churn and protects your revenues.

Network audits – Our network audits ensure your network is configured as expected and cover feature audits, parameter settings and problem identification.  Audits are based on planning data, network performance data and network configuration data. Automated analytics ensures rapid turnaround of recommendations.

Subscriber/network analytics – Leveraging advanced geo-location analytics allows us to analyze the quality of experience of individual subscribers or groups of subscribers, for example the top 10,000 VIPs or all subscribers who belong to key corporate accounts. Focused network improvement can then be undertaken with the aim of improving experience for the most lucrative or strategically important subscribers.

Customer complaints – Similar to subscriber analytics, this service analyzes the geo-located performance data from subscribers who have logged customer complaints with a view to determining the root cause of the performance issue and solving network performance issues that are having a serious impact on subscribers.

Vendor management – Vendors play a key role in the success of every operator. Extracting the full potential from the vendors while ensuring a strong relationship is tricky. Our vendor manageemnt service provides a strong governance team to ensure all the projects are on track, the investments requested for the network are genuine, operational KPIs are maintained at a high industry level, customer satisfaction is high and the SLAs are maintained with minimum financial impact.

Spectrum Refarming

Spectrum is expensive. Any technology you add to your network requires spectrum. Our analysis of prices paid for LTE spectrum in North America and Europe shows that existing GSM and UMTS spectrum could be re-allocated to LTE deployments for less than 0.5% of the cost of buying new spectrum at auction.

Lower frequencies propagate further and penetrate buildings better than higher frequencies. Lower frequency bands, however, are mostly fully allocated, meaning that many new technologies tend to use higher frequency bands to obtain the wide blocks of spectrum needed to achieve capacity and throughput requirements.

The easiest way to deploy a new technology is to co-site base stations with existing ones. Due to the reduced propagation of higher frequencies, this often means many coverage holes exist. Clearing a lower frequency band and using that for the new technology provides improved coverage and minimizes coverage holes.

Frequency planning, the primary activity required during a spectrum farming exercise, is not performed regularly by operators, meaning they typically don’t have the in-house expertise required. At TEOCO we have successfully completed over 50 spectrum refarming projects in the past three years through network services, and have the expertise needed to release spectrum while maintaining your network performance.


Managed Services

In addition to project focused consulting services, TEOCO also offers full managed services. To learn more about our managed services offering click here.

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