IoT for Drones

IoT for Drones

As Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are being adopted by telecom, construction, transport and logistics, agricultural and e-health industries, the need to co-ordinate and manage drone services becomes not only a connectivity issue but also a safety issue. By having an end-to-end platform that manages the entire drone service – from mission setup, planning/optimization, service operation to fault and performance management, Communications Service Providers can ensure excellent quality of service while managing the radio access and airspace regulatory requirements.

When it comes to managing and assuring your UAV services:

  • Are you able to assure drone connectivity and data transfer services?
  • Are you able to support seamless quality of experience for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations?
  • Are you able to manage drone traffic control while seamlessly integrating with 3rd parties to ensure your services meet regulatory requirements?


AirborneRF was developed to meet these and many other management challenges that the UAV ecosystem will face.

Communications Service Providers require an end-to-end management platform that ensures that you can plan, monitor and assure delivery and performance of your UAV services. AirborneRF brings together TEOCO’s expertise in network optimization and service assurance with our Artificial Intelligence, big data analytics and visualization capabilities to enable CSPs to match drone connectivity with guaranteed service quality. As more than 1.6 million drones are expected to take to the skies by 2021, not only is the number of these ‘flying devices’ that need to be managed increasing, but also the data that they are transmitting. It is estimated that a single tower inspection with a standard high-resolution camera will generate an average of 50 GB of data. CSPs, therefore, need to understand the performance at a service level in real-time to ensure successful drone missions. In addition, by integrating third-party data feeds with policy controls, you can be assured that airspace and other drone safety-related regulations are being adhered to when planning and launching drone missions.

Enable a seamless drone ecosystem

  • Managing the UAV ecosystem now requires superior service quality but also seamless coordination between regulatory authorities, radio space, airspace and communications service providers.
  • By integrating with aviation authorities, meteorology institutions, airspace safety and other organizations, AirborneRF provides a centralized platform to set up drone missions and plan routes, while ensuring each flight is compliant to regulations and the network is configured to deliver the required quality of service.
  • Ensure safety and protect your network by authenticating drone devices with security capabilities that span network access protection, user access auditing, and user/password/role management.

Optimize drone traffic and ensure safety

  • Ensure safety and security of drone operations by powering the drone traffic control centers of the future. Utilize your current investments in LTE-M or LoRaWAN to achieve two-way communication between drones and a gateway to identify, monitor and track drone traffic.
  • Optimize routes based on real-time weather update feeds. Ensure routes protect the safety of manned air traffic, humans and third-party property by using advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to create predictive insights and support rising automation and device autonomy.
  • Manage the traffic of drones operating within a specific airspace by utilizing TEOCO’s proprietary geo-location and visualization technology that uses advanced positioning techniques and algorithms to accurately locate and correlate network and device data into a real-time, integrative geo-display.

Deliver superior service quality

  • Support Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations and assure drone connectivity for the duration of a mission as they cross Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G networks. Monitor both the network and the drone service experience using a powerful optimization engine based on mobile measurements, deep-dive troubleshooting and subscriber experience visualization.
  • Proactively detect service degradations and detect faults faster. With TEOCO’s fault and performance management, NOC and SOC users can monitor and identify faulty devices, locations, services and users, and isolate the root cause of an issue quickly.
  • Enhanced analytics deliver expanded device level KPIs and KPI distributions to highlight the worst performing devices. Threshold crossing alarms on device KPI’s raise alarms when performance drops below pre-determined levels guiding engineers to the highest priority issues.

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