The high cost of customer acquisition makes it imperative for communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver the best possible user experience at the right price. This has to be achieved in the context of increasing network complexity; challenging all operators with multiple radio networks across a variety of standards and frequency bands. Traffic growth, diminishing ARPUs and new opportunities such as small cells and Wi-Fi offloading add to the challenge, which can only be solved by applying smart software and computing power.

TEOCO’s Self Organizing Network (SON) solution is a multi-vendor, multi-technology, centralized SON solution built on our Mentor optimization tool. It combines multiple proven components, including:

  • Fault management (FM) and performance management (PM) components for network data collection and root cause analysis algorithms.
  • Trace data for geo-located customer experience.
  • Proven automatic parameter optimization algorithms and configuration management (CM) components to validate and implement parameter changes.


By gathering network performance and configuration data and applying clever algorithms, our SON solution can determine and automatically implement the optimization changes needed to make your network perform optimally at all times.

As customers move around in the network during the day, SON optimizes the network coverage and balances the traffic load between sites. It also adds and removes neighbors as necessary. These changes reduce congestion and dropped calls and increase data throughput, providing users with the best customer experience possible.

Our SON solution is designed to automatically determine and implement changes (closed-loop operation), which requires trust in the tool. Until that trust is earned, your engineer can validate all changes before allowing them to be implemented into the network (open-loop operation).

We provide a central SON solution that caters to multiple technologies and vendors. The savings and performance improvements provided by SON can be realized across all your networks and vendors.


Our SON solution can automatically determine the root cause of degraded system or service performance. Key causes include:

  • Coverage holes
  • Capacity limitations
  • Congestion
  • Sleeping cells
  • Hardware failure
  • Handover failure
  • Channel element capacity


Our SON solution leverages our significant algorithm development experience to deliver the best results efficiently. The key algorithms include:

  • Coverage and capacity optimization (CCO)
  • Mobility load balancing (MLB)
  • Automatic neighbor relations (ANR)
  • Sleeping cell detection (SCD)


Our SON solution is focused on improving your subscribers’ experience through such measures as dropped call rates, PS throughput and call set up success rates by optimizing:

  • Neighbors
  • Transmit powers
  • Remotely variable antenna parameters
  • Cell signal levels
  • Cell individual offsets