Customer Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience Analytics uses network performance, fault and error indicators to understand the quality of experience encountered by subscribers, devices and services. It is targeted at operations, engineering and network planning personnel.

Quality of Experience analytics is performed at the transactional level (subject to the granularity of error indicators) to determine the service impact of each customer interaction. Because all events are considered, these metrics go beyond averages and aggregates to allow analysis down to an individual session, subscriber, service, device, or any combination thereof.

Multi-dimensional analytics, built on our SONAR platform, assigns performance, fault, and service KPIs and KQIs at the subscriber, device, and network-level, as well as any combination of the various dimensions. The specificity of out Quality of Experience analytics solutions results from our ability to integrate  with our other Analytics modules, and as such, to incorporate financial metrics (from the Profitability Analytics module) or behavioral metrics (from the Behavioral Analytics module) to derive a more holistic view of each customer.

For example, financial information can be associated with particular network outages to quantify the business impact, and thus prioritize corrective activities. Especially in the case of premium or roaming services, the volume of traffic or number of affected subscribers may have little indication of the actual cost or revenue impact.