Call Completion

In October 2013, the FCC adopted order FCC 13-135 rulings on the Rural Call Completion issue. The ruling, in addition to addressing artificial call result practices, provides for requirements around the recording, retention, and reporting of detail metrics and require that each Covered Provider submit a certified report each quarter providing detailed call completion metrics by month, and by Operating Company Number (OCN).

To ensure coverage both for regulatory reporting as well as in clients’ vendor management and customer reporting obligations, TEOCO tailored its analytics solution to the call completion issue. TEOCO’s solution not only satisfies inherent reporting requirements, but also empowers our clients to understand and address root cause issues within their own network or pertinent to their vendors’ networks.


Beyond enabling carriers to ensure coverage for regulatory reporting, vendor management, and customer reporting obligations, TEOCO’s Call Completion solutions offer greater insights into your routing activities and vendors’ networks, providing:

  • Continuous ability to isolate troublesome originating and terminating carriers, trunk groups, destinations
  • Visibility into performance across all terminations to ensure consistency and vendor performance
  • Satisfy customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reporting requirements
  • Regulatory compliance with minimal operational impacts


TEOCO’s Call Completion solutions utilize a combination of TEOCO Subject Matter Experts and a proven process and methodology for data acquisition.

Our teams have in depth experience in gathering call detail record data and performing analysis to understand applicable enrichments and translations to enable transformation of the data into our industry leading Analytics Platform, SONAR.

Call Completion requirements can be achieved through the intricate mapping of Call Detail Record (CDR) attributes such as Answer Type, Completion Code, and Disconnect Reason Code (or their equivalents) to TEOCO’s normalized enrichment structure, which is used to calculate KPIs such as Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER). Once accumulated, data can be stored to meet the retention requirements of the FCC, or longer based on customer business needs.

TEOCO’s  Call Completion solution incorporates the NECA Rural OCN list to denote rural vs. non-rural terminations in meeting the FCC reporting requirement.  The net result is that TEOCO’s Call Completion Analytics solution enables the reporting of KPIs across any enriched dimension of the call records including, but not limited to: state, OCN, vendor, customer, jurisdiction, and LEC.


To further enhance your focus on call quality and customer experience, TEOCO also offers our Acuité solution, an industry-leading routing solution which offers traditional Least Cost Routing.  Combined with the Analytic platform, Acuité leverages KPI and KQI information to make near real time routing decisions to ensure quality while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.