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INsync is an umbrella real-time digital analytics solution delivering data analytics for today’s intelligent networks.

As CSP’s continue their evolution to DSP’s, it naturally follows that they must have intelligent insights into their customers’ digital service experience to deliver on the promises of next generation networks.

TEOCO INsync umbrella real time digital analytics solution
The subscriber base has dramatically expanded to include VoLTE services and IoT solutions such as smart cities, smart utilities and autonomous cars. Operators face an overload of billions of events generated by complex digital services.

Digital service behavior changes on a daily basis with new OTT applications and services introduced impacting subscriber and network behavior. Not fully understanding the constant change of digital services can have a negative impact on the subscribers’ real or perceived Quality of Experience. In this environment, actionable intelligence is indispensable to deliver on savings and monetization goals!


A new era of subscriber digital analytics

The new subscribers paradigm

  • Network data explosion driven by mobile application streaming services such as Netflix
  • Ubiquitous subscriber connectivity

Knowing your customers matters!

  • Too many silos and not enough insight
  • Information gaps have to be bridged
  • Real time! Real World!

Real-time actionable intelligence

  • Reporting on data usage is not enough anymore
  • Real-time complex event processing and actuation capabilities are critical
  • Act Now! Profit Now! Save Now!

INsync delivers on end-to-end use cases, achieved with correlation of data across all business units within an operator. This provides valuable actionable intelligence on a customers digital experience.


INsync advantage, we bridge the gap

INsync is an umbrella real time digital subscriber analytics solution.

  • Distributed architecture inherently reduces costs and does not suffer from performance and scale limits from legacy architectures
  • Monitor, diagnose, predict & protect in real-time insight, perform root cause analysis and trouble shooting to isolate network vs. content provider vs device vs location related issues
  • Support mobile, Wi-Fi, video and fixed services on the same analytics platform for all stakeholders
  • Advance analysis with machine learning, auto discovery, MOS and forecasting for actionable intelligence


Use cases across your organization

Intelligent automated analytics identify network cost saving opportunities and help you deliver on the monetization challenge.

  • VoLTE & ViLTE Rollout – Deep insight into end-to-end QoE of VoLTE calls helps to validate and accelerate the rollout and adoption of VoLTE services.
  • IoT Customers – Ensure your network is designed to deliver seamless performance for IoT customers. Lead the market & create new revenue opportunities.
  • OTT Onslaught – Understand trends & impact on network & subscribers. Advanced heuristics and machine learning detects apps using encrypted flows.
  • Customer Care & Marketing – Issues and updates are proactively detected, pre-categorized and implemented with little or no customer impact or manual care intervention.
  • Capex ROI – Focus capex budget during network rollouts to maximize service adoption and  return on investment.
  • Video – Exponentially reduce manual effort to troubleshoot encrypted video and gain valuable insights for video, the bulk of your capacity.


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Warren Dumanski, VP Sales in North America, took to the Mobile World Live TV Panel to discuss how our INsync Digital Subscriber Analytics tool helped to monitor subscriber and network behaviors and  fan engagement from this years Super Bowl LII. Warren went on to delve into how the demand in data has double every year and how the real growth comes from Video – in both upload and download.

Part 1 of the Mobile World Live TV Panel

Part 1 of the Mobile World Live TV Panel

Part 2 of the Mobile World Live TV Panel

Part 2 of the Mobile World Live TV Panel

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