Our Helix® Unified Service Assurance Software Suite delivers an automated, analytical and proactive approach to service experience management, performance management and fault management.

A long time member of the TM Forum and a regular participant in their catalysts, we aim to drive thought leadership in the service assurance arena. To read the a recent article detailing our involvement on how the dynamic resource allocation of network functions virtualization (NFV) combined with customer experience monitoring can support digital health services click here.

About Helix® Service Assurance

TEOCO’s Helix® Service Assurance Suite delivers CSPs an automated, analytical, proactive and unified approach to service quality assurance, network performance and fault management.  Through simplifying CSP’s operations, supporting the digital transformation it enables quick adoption of new-generation telecommunications services driven by technology advancements such as virtualization, NFV/SDN, 5G and IoT.

Helix® Service Assurance monitors, measures, models and analyzes network and non-network related data, quickly identifying and resolving service and network problems.  This significantly improves service quality and availability, while generating actionable insights and reducing operating expenses.

With advanced automation and unique analytical capabilities, our patented machine-learning and forecasting technologies enable a proactive approach to problem resolution, through manual, semi-manual or fully-automated yet controllable closed-loop processes. TEOCO’s mature yet innovative Service Assurance solution, powered by decades of expertize, supports wide spectrum of fixed, mobile (including LTE, 3G, CDMA, GSM and IMS-based networks, switched and optical networks, Ethernet and MPLS transport services.)  as well as evolving NFV & SDN-driven and hybrid networks.


Performance Management

Our Helix® Performance Management software tool monitors, optimizes and troubleshoots complex, multi-technology, multi-vendor, fixed, mobile or converged networks. It provides a single, aligned, performance management view across all domains and vendors in the network.

It  collects, analyzes and presents network quality of service (QoS), availability and traffic (capacity) information, and proactively detects irregular network behavior and service degradations in near real-time, helping your engineers solve problems and improve network performance.

Fault Management

Our Helix® Fault Management software is a NOC-dedicated alarm management system, providing real-time, centralized monitoring of events in multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-domain networks.

Endowed with state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities such as automatic root cause analysis, predictive failure identification, and alarm noise reduction, our Helix® Fault Management software dramatically reduces the amount of alarms to be handled, and quickly correlates alerts within complex heterogeneous networks. With real time monitoring and fault resolution prioritization, the business impact of faults can be mitigated or even prevented.

Service Management

Our Helix® ServiceExpert module leverages our service assurance and analytics capabilities to provide you with an end-to-end Service Experience Management for mobile, fixed, IP & OTT services, offering rapid problems identification & diagnosis via cross-dimensional drill down and “slice & dice” investigation – on the fly.

Our Helix® Sentinel module is a full Service Operations Center (SOC) front-end, utilizing all the information gathered and generated by our Service Assurance platform, and provides SOC management team with Service Quality KQIs, KPI’s, Alarms and analytical outputs at their fingertips, enabling rapid identification of SLA breaches, performing pre-emmptive actions and minimize their Time-To-Resolve.

With multi-dimensional diagnosis and analysis tools using dynamic KQIs (Key Quality Indicators) combining probes data, network elements data and performance metrics, ServiceExpert provides Engineering and Operations teams with the necessary platform for proactively ensuring high quality service for customers and network troubleshooting.

Based on the Hadoop technology, Helix® ServiceExpert supports large quantities of data in near real time and long retention periods for xDRs, KPIs and KQIs queries. ServiceExpert also builds on TEOCO’s advanced geo-location capabilities to pinpoint problematic areas and correlate geo-information with services KQIs.

TM Forum’s Catalyst Program

To learn more about TEOCO’s involvement in TM Forum’s Catalyst program and how we’re helping to shape the networks of tomorrow, please watch this short video.

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