Device & IoT

TEOCO provides state-of-the-art lab and field testing services to the world’s leading device manufacturers.

As communication technology advances, device testing becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. Increased testing makes it challenging for equipment manufacturers to meet project deadlines. It can also impact time-to-market for devices, which is critical for commercial success.

It is important for network operators to certify new devices to ensure they meet the minimum performance requirements before you allow them onto the network where they could negatively affect your subscribers.

Operator Acceptance

TEOCO operates a state-of-the-art test lab with highly experienced test engineers and lab managers to guide customers through device certification in the quickest and most cost-efficient manner. Our lab follows industry-standard testing methodologies and is an Approved Vendor Lab (AVL) for AT&T 10776 testing.

TEOCO’s highly respected test services are used by the world’s leading device manufactures. These customers have chosen us as a trusted partner for device testing services. In the past 5 years, our device lab has tested over 900 devices, including phones, tablets, data cards, modules and chipsets from more than 45 manufacturers.


Our end-to-end services include executing customized R&D test plans and operator-specific field testing in various markets. We have field engineers located throughout the US and internationally, who can easily test the required markets. We provide R&D, lab entry, regression testing and maintenance release testing.


A member of Qualcomm’s highly selective partner organization, TEOCO offers experienced project management support for complex smart phones, chipsets and applications, as well as technical management to ensure planning, execution and monitoring.