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TrUNC is an end-to-end trunk analytics solution that use historic trunk performance and utilization data for automated future capacity recommendations to maintain optimal network capacity in a cost effective manner.

TEOCO TrUNC end-to-end trunk analytics solution for utilization and capacity management

As CSP’s continue their evolution to DSP’s, it naturally follows that they must have intelligent insights into their trunk utilization to deliver on the promises of next generation networks.

Oversupply of trunk capacity will lead to over capitalization resulting in increased cost. Not providing enough capacity could result in bad subscriber experience, revenue loss, potential churn and increased cost since the ideal least cost route might be over loaded.

Engineers’ who are responsible for providing trunk capacity for today and future demand must find the balance between oversupply and undersupply of trunking capacity.


The TrUNC advantage

  • 360-degree view of capacity, utilization & cost of network trunks in one platform
  • Processing and analyzing switch operational measures and trunk costs’
  • Automated solution that gathers and stores usage based operational measures and calculates trunk utilization for the purpose of determining discrepancies between demand and actual trunk capacity
  • Automated user alert and notification of underutilized trunks and overflow calls to higher cost interconnect routes
  • Automated planning recommendations for the augmentation or decommissioning of trunks
  • What if analytics that provide a comprehensive, automated and repeatable process for understanding, monitoring and forecasting network utilization
  • Efficient trunk expense management through planning capacity at the right time
  • Support for TDM and SIP networks


TrUNC use cases

  • Forecasting – TrUNC application fully integrates historic performance reporting and provides functionality to forecast trunk utilization.
  • Capacity Alerts – Configurable threshold settings for trunk utilization alerts results in automated notifications and recommendations of trunk grooming and expansions needs.
  • Ad hoc Analysis – Flexible web user interface to search and explore data and create ad-hoc reports and KPIs.
  • Expense Management – Ingesting trunk contract terms and least cost routing allows operators to understand future expenses of their network trunk requirements.
  • Workflow Management – TrUNC supports inventory configuration management with request and approval workflow to commission or decommission trunks.


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