Company History


Launched in 1995, TEOCO initially focused on servicing communication service provider (CSP) financial organizations with business support systems (BSS) applications.

We pioneered the use of big data financial analytics and the ability to understand cost, revenue and margin performance of partners, services, and ultimately individual customers.

In recent years, TEOCO has made a series of strategic acquisitions, expanding its solutions into the operational support systems (OSS) targeting CSP network and engineering departments. These acquisitions provided access and strengthened domain expertise in the massive amounts of network data, to offer the most granular insights into subscriber behavior.

The company has been headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, since its inception by founder and CEO Atul Jain. Today, TEOCO maintains 25 office locations over 6 continents. TEOCO’s acquisitions have not only expanded its solution portfolio, but also dramatically increased its scale and reach to effectively expand its ability to sell, deliver, and support customers in every geographic region.